🚀 We've Launched! New Plans, Features & More!

We are excited to announce that we have officially launched our house flipping software!

🚀 We've Launched! New Plans, Features & More!

Hey Flippers,

We are excited to announce that we have officially launched out of Beta and our house flipping software is now live!

For the past year we have been collaborating with our beta testers to continuously improve our house flipping software. From the beginning we have refused to charge a dime for our software until we were completely proud of the product we had built. With that goal in mind, we have launched over 15 new powerful features in 2019 to improve our house flipping software and continue our pursuit of building the best house flipping software you deserve.

Now after over a year of development, testing and several iterations on tools and features we have proudly launched out of Beta!

So what does this mean for existing beta testers?

For existing beta testers and early adopters we will be transitioning from a free beta program to a paid subscription. Our early adopter pricing will start at $25/month which will be locked-in for the lifetime of the software. If/when our subscription prices inevitability increase in the future, early adopters will be locked into their low monthly rate.

If you have an existing beta account all of your existing projects and data will seamlessly migrate to the new site.

Free 30 Day Trial

Now that we have launched, all users will have an additional 30 day free trial period (starting from your next login date) to use the software for free before you need to input your billing information.

New Subscription Plans

Once the 30 Day Free Trial expires you will need to sign-up for a paid subscription to maintain access to your account. We have created 3 different Plans tailored for individual house flippers, small project teams & large house flipping organizations.

All plans include our complete solution with our Deal Analysis, Project Management, Accounting & Reporting.

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New User Management Updates

With our launch we also pushed up some new User Management & Access Control functionality that allows you to manage project teams and multiple users in your workspaces.

Our new User Management & Access Control functionality allows you to add team members to your workspace and control user access so team members can only view and edit certain tools in the software.

Phase II Development

This is just the beginning! Over the course of the next few months we have an aggressive pipeline of features that we are going to be launching in order to continuously improve our software and build the house flipping software you deserve.

Here are the new tools and features you can expect to see in Phase II:

  • Miscellaneous Enhancements (over a hundred small tweaks & improvements to improve User Experience)
  • Rental Calculator/BRRRR Calculator
  • Comps Calculator
  • Material Manager
  • Progress Photos Manager
  • Contractor Bid Manager
  • Google Calendar Integrations
  • Export Expenses to Excel/CSV
  • Upload Receipts
  • Global Profit Statements
  • Global 1099 Reports

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Thanks again for all of your continued support and we look forward to continuing on this journey with you well into the future!

More Updates Coming Soon!

We’re dedicated to continuously improving the FlipperForce platform and have an endless list of new tools, features, and enhancements we’re planning for the near future. Check out our Software Road Map to see what we're building next And, if you have any feedback, ideas, or suggestions, collaborate with our community to help us decide what we should build next! FlipperForce Software Wish List

Let us know if you have any questions or comments below:👇

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