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Best House Flipping Blogs to Follow on The Internet
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House Flipping Blogs

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Here are my List of top House Flipping Blogs on the Internet that provide valuable, entertaining, & educational content to help you learn about flipping houses.
BiggerPockets Logo

BiggerPockets Blogs

Biggerpockets is a social network over 800,000+ real estate investors.  The BiggerPockets blog gives community members the opportunity to share their knowledge and experiences in real estate and flipping houses.
123 Flip Logo Blog

J Scott is a professional House Flipper that has flipped hundreds of houses across the country and best-selling author..  His blog provides an in-depth look at his first 50 flips which generated over $1mm in profit for his business.  
Investfourmore logo Blog

Mark Ferguson is a house flipper, landlord and real estate agent that has been flipping houses since 2001, and has flipped over 130 houses.  Mark's blog provides advice and tips on flipping houses, rental properties and growing a real estate investment business.
Tom Tarrant Blog Blog

​​Tom's company Green Button Homes specializes in flipping houses in San Diego.  His blog documents their house flipping projects, and provides inspirational before and after photos that can provide inspiration for your rehab projects.
Tom Tarrant Blog

​​Flipper Force House Flipping Blog

​​If you are looking for another great resource to find information on flipping houses you don't have to look far!  Navigate on over to our very own Flipper Force House Flipping Blog for tips and advice on how to flip houses.
How to Flip Houses Guide
step-by-step house flipping guide

Don't Know How to Flip a House?

If you are looking for a free, no-hassle, Self-Guided resource to learn about flipping houses checkout our  step-by-step house flipping guide with over 50 articles, videos and case studies on how to flip houses.

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