Investment Packet Overview

Learn about the Investment Packet Builder which can be used to create Professional Investment Reports for your rehab projects!

Video Transcript

Our Investment Packet Builder summarizes your Rehab Financial Analysis into an Investment Packet that can be printed and shared with your business partners, investors and lenders to build credibility and raise money for your rehab projects.

Cover Page

The first page of the Investment Packet is the Cover Page, which shows the cover image for the property, property address and company contact information for your company.

Property Details Page

The next page in the Investment Packet is the Property Details page which provides the basic property information including the property characteristic such as the beds, baths, square footage.  It also details the property construction and the prop.

Financial Overview Page

The 3rd page of the Investment Packet is the Financial Overview page which summarizes the Financial Analysis of the Rehab Project.  The Financial Overview breaks down the  After Repair Value that you believe  you can resell the property for and all of the project costs including your Purchase Costs, Repair Costs, Holding Costs & Financing Costs.  

The report also shows how you plan to finance the project with a breakdown of the amount of outside funding and cash that you are bringing to the deal.

The Financial Overview page calculates the amount of profit is included in the deal, including the COCR and annualized ROI.

Lender Financial Overview Page

The next page is the Lender Financial Overview page which is specifically built to show lenders what their financial results would be for lending on the project. 

The Lender Financial Overview first starts with a breakdown of the project costs and profitability of the deal, so the lender can understand the risks and rewards of funding the deal.

Next, the report provides a breakdown of the loan amount being requested, the LTV ratio and the amount of cash the borrower is providing for the deal.

The final area is the Lender Results which breaks down the loan termans lenders results such as the proposed interest rate, total interest earned, points and total return earned by the lender for lending on the project.

Estimate Summary Page

The next page is the Estimate Summary Page which provides a summary of all of the Estimated Repair Costs by each category on the project.

Detailed Estimate Page

If you want to show a detailed breakdown of all of the repairs and estimated project costs you can use the Detailed Estimate pages which show each individual item from your Repair Cost Estimate.

Property Photos Page

The next page is the Property Photos page which can be used to upload photos to show the condition of the property.

About Us Page

And the final page of the Investment Packet is the About Us page which can be used to provide a bio or resume for your company.

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