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Note from the Founder

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Dave Robertson
Dave is a real estate investor in Kansas City, MO and the founder of

Dear Valued Customer,

Below you will find information about our software road map and near-term vision of our house flipping software.

We want our development process to be as transparent and collaborative as possible to help you understand the vision of our software and make sure our vision aligns with your business goals.

We are dedicated to continuously improving our software and have an endless list of new tools, features & enhancements that we want to build in the near future. We also welcome your feedback and hope to provide a collaborative experience so we can build the best house flipping software solution together.

Although I am a little leery of exposing our vision to the world (and mainly our competitors), I think it's important that we provide this transparency so you feel comfortable knowing you are choosing a software provider that is dedicated to continuously improving their product and helping your business succeed.

Thank you for your time and business! 🙌​

Software UpdateS

Here are the tools and features we are working on this month!

Software Road Map

Updated 1/18

Our development team performs weekly sprints of new features and functionality that we are launching on a weekly basis. Here is what our current road map looks like for the next month.

FlipperForce Software Road Map

Software Work Log

Updated 1/18

Here's our Latest software Work Log of What we have completed, what we are working on now, working on Next & have planned for the future!


Strategies Comparison Tool
Compare Fix and flip vs BRRR Returns
Premium Property Data
Implement new Premium Property Data including property sold history, owner information, loan information & more
Global Profit Statements
Global accounting reports showing how much profit has been generated on each project
Repair Estimator Enhancements
Global databases, estimate search/export, New Estimate Templates
Document Manager Folder Hierarchy
Ability to create, edit, delete folders in the Document Manager
Progress Photos
Tool to be able to organize and manage progress photos by project phase (Before, Demo, Rough-in, Finishes, After)
SOW Improvements
Ability to create separate sOW for multiple contractors
Bid Manager
Ability to upload contractor bid files and save bid values in the Repair Estimator.
Material Manager
Tool to manage a database of commonly used materials, purchase orders, and inventory.
Punchlist Manager
Tool to manage punchlist and Project closeout
Budgeting & Accounting Improvements Improvements to the budget setup
Quickbooks or Zapier Integration
Zapier integration or direct QB integration
Comps Calculator
Comparables tool that automatically pulls recommended comps from Zillow and can be used to appraise the property After Repair Value

Next Up

Flip Analysis Defaults
Ability to save your typical analysis settings (buying costs, holding costs, selling costs, repair costs, etc) for the flip analyzer
Rental Calculator
New Calculator for analyzing long-term buy and holds and BRRR Deals.

Back Burner

Import Expenses
Ability to Import Expenses to the Expense Tracker via CSV

In Progress

Flip Analyzer Enhancements
new 1-page workflow, Improved Fixed Costs Calcs, New Financing Options & a Revamped Results Page 🔥
Global Vendor 1099s & Expense Reports
new Vendor 1099 & Global Vendor Expense Report to view how much you've paid a vendor globally on all projects in a given year

 Features coming soon

New software tools we have planned soon!

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