BRRRRilliant Software Features

Deal Analysis

Analyze BRRRR deals, estimate rehab costs, and create stunning investment reports that will impress partners and lenders to secure funding for your deals.
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Project Management

Get your properties rehabbed and stabilized as quickly as possible with easy-to-use planning, scheduling, and task management features.
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Easily track expenses, manage budgets, and forecast budget overages and underages to ensure your rehab comes in under-budget.
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Real Estate Investment Calculators

BRRRR Analysis Tools

Analyze BRRRR Deals (Buy, Rehab, Rent and Refinance) and calculate your short-term sweat equity and long-term rental returns.
Rehab Project Management

Project Management Tools

Project delays and mismanagement can turn a profitable flip into a total flop. Our Project Management tools help you manage project schedules, organize project tasks and finish your projects on-time so you can get your property stabilized and rented as quickly as possible!
Budget & Expense Tracking

Project Accounting Tools

Our simple budget tracking tools help you manage your budget, track expenses & forecast profitability so you always know how much profit you are going to make (or lose) on a deal.

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