Collaborative Software for Scaling Real Estate Teams

Tools to help project teams manage all of their leads, estimates, project schedules & expenses in one comprehensive platform.
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Dashboards & Pipelines

High Level Executive Dashboards to Manage All of Your Deals & Active Projects

Manage all of your deals, offers, estimates, on-going projects and budgets using our Executive Level dashboards.
Track project leads and deal financials in one overall dashboard to review your profit pipeline.
Review all of your project estimates to study project cost history and create more accurate estimates on future projects.
Track your on-going project progress and financials using the Project Calendar, Management Dashboards & Accounting Dashaboards.
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Team Management

Team Collaboration

Invite your company employees and team members to your workspace to collaborate on deals and active projects.
Real Estate Investment Calculators

Deal Analysis Tools for Teams

One of the only collaborative deal analysis platforms that you can use to analyze and  accquire more deals.
Rehab Project Management

Project Management for Teams

Work with your project managers and contractors to manage your renovation schedules and tasks to keep your project on-time and on-budget.
Budget & Expense Tracking

Project Accounting for Teams

Invite your accountant and bookkeeper as a teammate so they can manage your project books and reconcile expenses.

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