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On every house flip there are hundreds of small miscellaneous tasks that you need to get done to buy the property, renovate the property and then get the property sold.  

FlipperForce includes 14 Pre-Built Task List Checklists for each stage of a house flip that you can quickly load into the Task Manager in a matter of seconds!

Purchasing the Property Checklists

Pre-built checklist for performing your initial due diligence and submitting an offer for the property.
Submitting an Offer
Walkthrough the property, analyze the deal and create a detailed SOW for the property to determine if you should make an offer.
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Property Inspection
During the Inspection Period (generally within 10 to 14 Days), walk the property with an Inspector or Contractor, finalize your SOW & Budget and make a final decision to purchase the property (or not).
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Project Planning Checklists

Pre-built checklists for planning your project so you can hit the ground running on Day 1 of your project!
Contractor Bidding
Once you decide to purchase a property you need to start having Contractors walk-through the property and provide bids so you can have your Contractors selected and lined-out on Closing day.
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Rehab Planning
After you receive Contractor Proposals you need to re-evaluate your financial analysis and create a Project Budget, Project Schedule & prepare for closing so you can 'hit the ground running' on Closing Day!
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Purchase Closing
Finally, the Purchase Closing Day has arrived when you get the keys and officially take possession of the property!
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Project Startup
At this point, hopefully you spent the Closing Period getting ready for your project, and you have your Contractors selected, lined-out and scheduled to start work on Day 1.
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Project Management Checklists

Pre-built checklists for managing your project contractors, timelines and expenses to keep your project on-time and on-budget.
Demolition Phase
After weeks or months of preparation and planning, you finally get to swing a sledgehammer and start the construction work.
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Rough-in Phase
During the rough-in phase, your walls are still open and the drywall is not installed, which allows your MEP (mechanical, electrical & plumbing) contractors to install their 'rough' piping, wiring & ductwork in the property.
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Weekly Project Management
Stay on-top of your Contractor's quality, craftsmanship and progress to ensure your project is built to your quality standards and finishes on-time!
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Weekly Accounting
Stay on-top of your project expenses to ensure you keep your project on-budget and maximize your profitability!
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Selling the Property Checklists

Pre-built checklists for getting your property ready to sell!
Rehab Project Closeout
It's easy to get careless once your Rehab Project is substantially complete, but it's important to stay focused so you can closeout your project strong.
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Property Listing
Once you have your rehab project completed, it's officially time to list your property for sale!
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Offer Acceptance
Whoop, whoop! You have an accepted offer on your house!
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Sale Closing
The big day is finally here when of all of your hard work finally pays off and you get to cash your check for a hefty profit!
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