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Use our House Flipping Calculator to Analyze your project costs and calculate the Maximum Purchase Price you should offer for a property.

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How our House Flipping Calculator Works:

Use our House Flipping Calculator to calculate project costs, project profitability and calculate the Maximum Purchase Price you should offer for a property.

Calculate the amount the property value will be worth after you make the repairs to the property.

Purchase Price

Input the amount you plan on purchasing the property (or how much the seller is asking). Don't worry the calculator will calculate the Maximum Purchase Price you should offer.

Rehab costs

Estimate the amount of costs required to rehab the property.

fixed Costs

Calculate the 'Hidden Costs' of flipping houses such as your Buying Costs, Holding Costs, Selling Costs & Financing Costs.

financing costs

Calculate the amount of financing costs you have on a property if you are funding your purchase using outside funding.

desired profit

Input the desired amount of profit that you want to make on the property which will be used to calculate the Recommended Maximum Purchase Price that you should offer for a property.

"Before Purchasing a House I Always use the Flip Calculator to Help Me Determine the Purchase Price, So I Don't Overpay!"
Lucinda Reyes
House Flipping Phone App

House flipping calculator app

Analyze Deals On-the-Go!

Analyze the Purchase Price & Profitability of potential house flipping deals on your Tablet or Phone!

Analysis on Any Device
Analyze House Flip Deals on Your Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Phone
Access From Anywhere
Access your house flipping data from anywhere you have an internet connection.
Rehab Cost Estimator Save As Template

Step-by-step house flipping calculator

Calculate Project Costs & Profitability

Use our Step-by-Step House Flipping Calculator to calculate all project costs, profitability & the maximum purchase price you should offer!

Calculate the Repair Costs
Calculate how much it will cost to fix up and renovate the property.
Calculate the Hidden Costs
Calculate the often over-looked hidden costs like your buying costs, holding costs, selling Costs & Financing Costs.
Calculate the Profitability & MPP
Calculate the profitability and a recommended maximum purchase price that you should offer for the property.
Rehab Investment Report

Investment report builder

Create Professional Marketing Reports, to Get Funding!

Create Professional Investment Reports to build massive credibility and get funding for your rehab projects!

Rehab Estimate Database
Customizable Investment Packets
Build Custom investment packet to include the pages and information your want to present in your marketing presentations.
Rehab Estimate Database
Share via Link or PDF
Share your Investment Reports with your Business Partners & Lenders using a share link or PDF.

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