Tools to help project teams manage all of their leads, estimates, project schedules & expenses in one comprehensive platform.

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My favorite things is the continuity of the product from analyzing the deal to project management, and accounting. The software is complex enough to capture certain details and manage a project properly, but easy enough for the construction guys that are not used to working in a software.

Dan M.
Good Houses | Real Estate & New Construction Pro

All-in-one Rehab Project Management

Everything you need to organize, manage & streamline your house flipping business, all in one location!
House Flipping Calculator Icon
Analyze Deals

​Analyze Project Costs and Calculate the Maximum Purchase Price You Should Offer for a Property, so you don't overpay!

Rehab Estimator Icon
Estimate Rehab Costs

Quickly and Accurately Estimate Rehab Costs and Create Detailed Scopes of Work in a fraction of the Time without a Contractor!

Rehab Project Management Icon
Manage Schedules

Create Project Schedules to Manage Contractor Start Dates, Completion Dates & Project Milestones.

Rehab Task Management
Track Tasks

Track Project Tasks and To-Dos to Get Stuff Completed On-time!

Rehab Project Budget Icon
Manage Budgets

Compare your Actual Expenses to your Project Budget to forecast profitability.

Rehab Expense Tracker Icon
Track Expenses

Track your project revenues and expenses & create professional expense reports & profit statements.

Rehab Project Management

Project delays and mismanagement can turn a profitable flip into a total flop.   Can you afford to pay expensive monthly carrying costs?  Our Project Management tools help you manage project schedules, organize project tasks and finish your projects on-time and on-budget!
Rehab Project Management Software
Easy Drag-and-drop Scheduling software NEW

Create Detailed Schedules in Seconds.

Create project schedules to manage contractor start dates, completion dates & project milestones.

Rehab Project Scheduler Icon
Schedule Starter Templates
Load pre-built, detailed schedule starter templates in seconds to help you get started.
Rehab Project Schedule Template Icon
Customize Your Schedules
Easily drag-and-drop schedule tasks and customize descriptions and tasks for your specific projects.
Rehab Schedule Save Template Icon
Save Schedule Templates for Future Projects!
Create your own custom schedule templates that you can re-use on future projects!
Rehab Task Management Software
daily task management tool

Manage Daily Tasks & To-Dos in Organized Checklists.

Track Project Tasks and To-Dos to get stuff completed on-time!

Track Daily Tasks & To-Dos
Easily customize your own database with your own price repair items and prices for your specific projects.
Save Task Lists as Checklist Templates
Save your own custom task checklists that you can re-use on future projects!

Example Pre-Built Task Templates

Flipper Force house flipping software includes pre-built Task Templates that you can quickly load into your Task Manager to manage each phase of your rehab project.
Submitting an Offer
Walkthrough the property, analyze the deal and create a detailed SOW for the property to determine if you should make an offer.
Learn More
Demolition Phase
After weeks or months of preparation and planning, you finally get to swing a sledgehammer and start the construction work.
Learn More
Property Inspection
During the Inspection Period (generally within 10 to 14 Days), walk the property with an Inspector or Contractor, finalize your SOW & Budget and make a final decision to purchase the property (or not).
Learn More
Rough-in Phase
During the rough-in phase, your walls are still open and the drywall is not installed, which allows your MEP (mechanical, electrical & plumbing) contractors to install their 'rough' piping, wiring & ductwork in the property.
Learn More
Learn More about Task Templates

Manage All of Your Projects in One, Single Calendar View.

Manage all of your Team Project Schedules, Tasks & Events in one project calendar so you can manage your Team's workload.

Sort Calendar by Project, Task Type or View
Sort your Project Calendar to only show specific projects or tasks types and switch between monthly, weekly or daily views!
Easily Drag and Drop Calendar Items
Easily drag-and-drop Project Calendar items to make changes directly on the Calendar.
Rehab Project Calendar

Project Job costing

Accounting is boring, time consuming & confusing, but can you afford not to track your budgets when thousands of dollars are on the line?  Our simple budget tracking tools help you manage your budget, track expenses & forecast profitability so you always know how much profit you are going to make (or lose) on a deal.
Rehab Project Accounting Software
budget creation and management tools

Stay on-budget and make more profit!

Compare your Actual Expenses to your Project Budget to forecast profitability.

Track Budget vs Actual Expenses
Establish an upfront project budget and track your actual expenses to calculate budget overages.
Create Expense Reports & Final Profit Statements
Track your Expenses by Category, by Vendor or by Account and create Final Profit Statements for Tax Season!
Rehab Task Management Software

Expense Tracker Tool

Track your actual project expenses

Track & compare your actual project expenses to your project budget.

Track Expenses by Category
Track Your Expenses by Category so you know how much you spent on the Roofing, Painting, & Plumbing on Your Rehab.
Track Expenses by Vendor
Track your Expenses by Vendor so you know how much you spent at home depot or how much you paid to your contractors on the project.
Track Expenses by Account
Track Your Expenses by your Bank Account, Checking Accounts or Credit Card Accounts to recomcile your Expenses.

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