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How Our Rehab Estimator Works:

6 easy steps for creating detailed rehab cost estimates and scopes of work for your rehab projects using our pre-built & customizable rehab cost databases.
Load a starter Template

FlipperForce provides 3 Estimate Starter Templates that are pre-loaded with common repairs and prices so you get started in seconds

Input your Estimate Data

Input the quantities of work and repairs in the Estimator which will be used to calculate a budget for each repair.

Customize Pricing

Customize the labor and material prices to fit your local market and specific materials your using on your rehab project.

Add SOW Notes

Create detailed Scope of Work Documents to receive bids from your Contractors.

save your own templates

Once you get done customizing your Estimate with your own repairs, prices & SOW Notes, save the Estimate as a Template that can be used on future projects.

estimate reports & SOW

Create detailed Estimate Reports and SOW Documents that you can share with your Contractors & Business Partners.

"The Estimate Starter Templates & Pricing Databases Were Incredibly Helpful! Saved Me Hours & $$$".
Joel Elliot, JE Enterprises

Watch our rehab estimator in action!

watch our video case studies to learn how our rehab estimator tool can be used to create Detailed rehab estimates for your rehab projects.

Case Study: How to Estimate Costs for a Cosmetic Rehab

This Case Study takes a deep dive into the process of Estimating Rehab Costs for a cosmetic rehab project.

Case Study: Estimating Rehab Costs per SF

This Case Study takes a deep dive into the process of Estimating Rehab Costs for a cosmetic rehab project.
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Estimate Repairs, On the Go!

​Estimate Rehab Costs and create scopes of work right on-site, on any any device!

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Estimate Rehab Costs, On-the-Go!
Estimate Rehab Costs on Your Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Phone!
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A completely mobile friendly user interface that you can access on any device with an internet connection!
Rehab Cost Estimator Templates

rehab specific estimating software

Estimate Starter Templates

Use our pre-built Estimate Starter Templates to help you quickly get started estimating repair costs for your rehab projects!

Construction Cost Databases
Construction Cost Databases with Over 500 Common Repair Items & Unit Prices.
Templates for Rehabs
Pre-Built Templates with Pricing Databases for Gut Rehabs, Cosmetic Rehabs and Additions.
Templates for New Construction
Pre-Built Templates with Pricing Databases for New Home Builds.
Rehab Cost Estimator Save As Template

customizable rehab estimating software

Save Your Own Templates

Customize your own Estimator Databases with your own Categories, Repair Items and Unit Prices and Save it as a Template to be used on future projects!

Customize Your Database for Your Business
Customize your Estimate Database with your own list of common repairs and prices.
Easy Drag-And-Drop
Easily Drag-and-Drop Categories and Repair Items to truly customize your Estimates.
Save Estimates as Templates
Save your customized Estimate Databases as a Template that you can re-use on future projects.

Estimate Rehab Costs by Room

Estimate Rehab Costs Organized by Rooms such as Kitchens, Bathrooms, Living Rooms and Bedrooms.
Rehab Cost Estimator Save As Template

Rehab Inspection widget

Inspect Your Properties

Quickly and Easily document the condition of each repair as you are walking through the property

Quickly Select the Condition
Quickly designate the condition of the repair
Takes Inspection Notes
Write detailed inspection notes of the condition of each repair on your property.
Get Tips
Hundreds of tips to help you inspect your properties without an inspector!


Create Scopes of Work

Quickly create detailed Scopes of Work documents for your Contractors to get bids for your rehab projects.

SOW Note Templates
Pre-written SOW Notes for each repair category telling the contractor exactly wat to include in their proposal.
Export to Word, PDF or Share Link
Share your Scope of Work Report with your Contractors
Rehab Scope of Work Builder
Rehab Cost Estimator Save As Template

Bid Manager Widget

track Your Bids

Track and Compare Your Contractor Bids so you can determine the best bidder to work with on your flips!

Track Your Contractor Bid Amounts
Track your contractor bid amounts and make adjustments to equalize your bids.
Take Notes
Write Bid Notes to clarify any exclusions your contractor made on their bid proposal.
Upload Bids
Upload your bid proposals so you have them saved all-in-one location!

Create Professional Estimate & SOW Reports!

Estimate Summary ReportDetailed Estimate ReportScope of Work Report

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