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From a simple Excel spreadsheet to a comprehensive web-based platform, our products continue to improve and evolve to help you better manage your house flipping business.

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Awarded Best Value & Best Ease of Use by Capterra in 2021!

A Reputation for Quality

From our top-rated, best-selling House Flipping Spreadsheet, to our brand new web-based house flipping software, we have a reputation for building quality products at affordable prices.

Matt Rembish

"You guys have continually put out high-quality products and have always been very responsive so I will continue to be a customer and will be sure to spread the word about FlipperForce! "

Matt Rembish
House Flipper

All-in-one House Flipping Software

Everything you love about our House Flipping Spreadsheet, now built as a web-based house flipping software.
Analyze Deals

​Analyze Project Costs and Calculate the Maximum Purchase Price You Should Offer for a Property, so you don't overpay!

Estimate Rehab Costs

Quickly and Accurately Estimate Rehab Costs and Create Detailed Scopes of Work in a fraction of the Time without a Contractor!

Manage Schedules

Create Project Schedules to Manage Contractor Start Dates, Completion Dates & Project Milestones.

Track Tasks

Track Project Tasks and To-Dos to Get Stuff Completed On-time!

Manage Budgets

Compare your Actual Expenses to your Project Budget to forecast profitability.

Track Expenses

Track your project revenues and expenses & create professional expense reports & profit statements.

Letter From the Founder

FlipperForce House Flipping Software Founder Head Shot
Dave Robertson
Dave is a real estate investor in Kansas City, MO and the founder of

Dear Valued Customer,

When I first started selling my House Flipping Spreadsheet back in 2013 I never could have imagined this was all possible!

My spreadsheet started as a basic deal analysis tool I was using for my own house flipping business.  Eventually over time my spreadsheet morphed into the one of the craziest, most elaborate spreadsheets you've ever seen that's used by thousands of house flippers around the world!

Unfortunately, spreadsheets have their limitations and our House Flipping Spreadsheet is stretching the capabilities of Microsoft Excel.

In order to continue improving our software and our services we decided to take on a new challenge of building a completely web-based house flipping software platform!

For the past 2 years our team has been planning and developing our new Flipper Force software platform.  We worked closely with a small group of beta testers to collaborate, iterate and battle-test our software and with the help of our beta testers, we launched over 15 new powerful features in 2021!

Now after over a year of development, beta testing, and several iterations we have proudly launched our new platform out of Beta!

Our new Flipper Force software platform takes everything you love about our House Flipping Spreadsheet, but 'removes the shackles' of Microsoft Excel so we can take advantage of the endless possibilities of web-development and build the house flipping software you deserve!

Don't get me wrong I love my spreadsheets, but they do have some drawbacks.  With our new web platform there's no more hassle of enabling macros, no more editing confusing formulas and no more managing separate spreadsheets for each project which can get overwhelming!

House Flipper
So What's the Difference Between the House Flipping Spreadsheet & FlipperForce?

house Flipping Spreadsheet

Our Microsoft Excel (and Google) Spreadsheet Templates
House Flipping Spreadsheet Screenshot
Customizable estimating software

The House Flipping Spreadsheet is our Microsoft Excel and Google Sheet Template that we launched back in 2013.  The House Flipping Spreadsheet started as a basic deal analysis spreadsheet and transformed into an all-in-one spreadsheet for analyzing deals, estimating repairs and managing rehab projects.

​The House Flipping Spreadsheet is now used by several thousand house flippers across the country and around the world.

Microsoft Excel (& Google Sheets)
Pre-Built, downloadable spreadsheet templates that you can use in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.


Our New Web-Based House Flipping Platform!
Rehab Project Management Software
web-based house flipping software

Admittedly, we have stretched the capabilities of Microsoft Excel in our current version of the House Flipping Spreadsheet, so in order to continue to improve our platform we took on a new challenge of building a completely web-based house flipping software.

FlipperForce is our new web-based platform that takes advantage of the endless possibilities of the web.  We are no longer limited to the capabilities of Excel and can take the platform to the next level!

Web-Based Software
Access & manage all of your projects from any device.

House Flipping Spreadsheet vs Flipper Force

House Flipping Spreadsheet

  • Microsoft Excel/Google Sheets based

  • Separate Spreadsheets to Manage Each Project

  • Files are saved locally on your desktop or Google Cloud via Google Sheets

  • Excel gurus have the ability unlock the tools and reports for additional customization

  • All data entry is manual, so users need to lookup and enter property data manually

  • Excel has limited sharing capabilities/Google Sheets can be shared with other users for live collaboration

  • Spreadsheets are not mobile responsive so usability can be an issue on smaller devices

Flipper Force

  • Web-based software accessible from any web-browser

  • Mobile friendly for use on smaller devices such as Tablets & Phones

  • Nationwide Property & Owner Data on 150mm+ Properties

  • Real Estate Comps

  • Google Maps Integrations

  • Push notifications & emails for updating team members

  • Ability to collaborate with other team members.

  • Improved usability with responsive design, drag and drop, and other gestures

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