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Rehab Investment Cover Page
Investment Packet Cover page

Create a Professional Cover Page

create a Professional cover page with a property cover image and your company contact information for your business.

Rehab Investment Property Details Page
Rehab property details page

Display Basic Property Data

Show all of the important property information and characteristics including the # of beds, # of baths, square footage, lot size, construction methods & school Information.

Rehab Project Financial Overview Report
Rehab financial overview page

provide a breakdown of Project financials & Profitability

Create a professional Financial Report that displays all of the project costs and Profitability of the Project.

Rehab Estimate Report
Rehab Estimate Pages

Present Detailed Rehab Estimate Data

Create professional rehab estimate reports and scope of Works for your rehabs that can show the amount of rehab work required on the property.

Rehab Property Photos Page
property photos page

Display property condition and Photos

Upload Before Photos to Show the Current Condition of the Property and the Potential to Add value.

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How to Flip Houses Guide
step-by-step house flipping guide

Don't Know How to Flip a House?

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