Flipping Amazing Software Features

Business Management

All-in-one platform with business management features for teams, collaboration, project tracking, budgeting, and reporting.

Due Diligence

Analyze deals, estimate rehab costs, and create stunning investment reports that will impress partners and lenders to secure funding for your deals.
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Project Management

Stay on track with easy-to-use project calendars, schedules, and task management features, and never miss a deadline again.
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Investor Relations

Post updates to your Investors for visibiilty into everything that's happening on your projects.

I use FlipperForce to communicate with multiple investors as well as my contractors. It allows my investors to view the progress at any time affording me less reporting time.  It really is an exceptional product.

Tammy Sullivan King
Task REI Consulting, Inc.

DD, Credibility & Communication

Perform thorough due diligence upfront to ensure you're making wise investment decisions. Build credibility with professional Investment Packets and experience reports that showcase your expertise.  Keep your investors happy and informed with clear communication channels showcasing project progress throughout the investment cycle.

Perform In-Depth Due Diligence to Ensure a Profitable Outcome for You and Your Investors.

Perform detailed due diligence of your Flips and BRRRR Deals, so you and your investors can confidently make offers and ensure a profitable outcome for all stakeholders.
Real estate investor comps software

Run Comps

Automatically search and find recent Comparable Sales based upon the County records.
House flipping calculator tool

Crunch the Numbers

Perform detailed analysis and due diligence so you never overpay for a property again!
Rehab repair estimator

Estimate Rehab Costs

Create detailed Scopes of Work and accurate estimates for your projects.

Build Massive Credibility with Professional Investment Reports

Create Professional Investment Packets and Proof of Experience Reports for your Investors to build credibility and raise money for your deals!
Investment packet PML

Create Professional Investor Packets

Create Professional Investment Packets for your Investors to build credibility and raise money for your deals!
Real estate portfolio dashboard

Portfolio/Proof of Experience

Share your Portfolio of successfully completed projects with your Investors to build credibility.

Keep Your Projects On Track So You Can Pay Back Your Investors As Quickly As Possible!

Our lightweight project management tools keep you organized and on-track so you can finish your projects and pay your investors back as quickly as possible!

Easy Drag-and-Drop Scheduling

Easily create project timelines to keep your projects on schedule!

Assign Tasks & Get Reminders

Track your miscellaneous tasks andto-dos and setup reminders so you get things done on-time.

Overall Calendar Views

Review all of your project Schedules and Tasks in your overall Calendar view.
House flip material selections

Manage Materials

Pick your Material Selections for the materials you want to include in your Estimate.
Project updates house flips

Post Project Updates

Post progress updates to keep your team, business partnes & lenders updated on everything that's happening on the project.
Progress photo log

Track Progress Photos

Organize all of your progress photos into a Chronological timeline view.
Project Document manager

Manage Documents

Organize your miscellaneous contracts, documents and files.

Active Project Dashboard

See the stage, status, tasks, important milestones and Budget vs Actuals of every Active Project.

Keep Your Project on Budget So You Don't have to Ask forMore Money!

Focus on Flipping, Not Accounting: Simple Tools for Clear Financials.
FlipperForce receipt uploads for house flips

Track Expenses

Track your Expenses and upload your Receipts to individual Expenses.
Global profit statement for house flips

Global Profit/Loss

Generate Profit and Loss Reports soyou andyour investors know exactly how much was made on the deal.
Vendor 1099 Report for house flips

Investor 1099s

See how much you've compensated your Investors/Lenders for interest and profit payments.

Trust and Transparency for your Investors

Give your Investors 24/7 access to everything they need.  They can track project progress in real-time, access critical info like budgets and timelines, and see updates as they unfold. This empowers them to stay informed and confident throughout the investment journey, eliminating the need for constant communication requests.
Invite your project team

Investor Access

Invite investors to your workspace and grant them access to specific features to keep them informed on project progress.
Edit feature access

Project Updates (Coming Soon)

Post Project Updates so your investors can have visibility  into project progress.
Communication and collaboration

Photo Log

Post progress Photos so your Investors can see how the project is progressing.
Real estate software activity log

Financial Updates

Financial access to see how money is being spent and if the project isover orunder budget.

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