🎉15 New Software Features in 2019

Learn about the top 15 New Features we've launched in 2019 so far!

🎉15 New Software Features in 2019

2019 has been a busy year so far as we continuously work to develop and improve our house flipping software. Here are our top 15 new software features that we have launched so far in 2019!

#15 New In-App User Guides

We have been building out in-depth video tutorials, interactive tutorials and case studies to help you learn our house flipping software. In our app, you will find a 'User Guides' button which can be used as reference to watch video tutorials and launch interactive tutorials to help you learn the software at your own pace.

House Flipping Software User Guide

#14 Flip Analyzer Makeover

We are continuously working on evaluating user experience and thinking about ways that we can improve the functionality, usability, workflow and intuitiveness of our tools.

With that in mind, we have reformatted the step-by-step process of our Flip Analyzer to simplify the workflow and improve the Flip Analyzer Results page.

House Flipping Calculator

#13 New Estimate Report

We created a new separate Estimate Report which provides an easy way for you to share your Estimated Costs & Scope of Work without the rest of the other financial data included in the Investment Packet.

The Estimate Report includes an Estimate Summary page that summarizes your Estimated Costs & a Detailed Estimate page which provides a detailed list of every line item included in your estimate!

#12 Save All Estimate Data w/ Templates

Previously, when you saved an Estimate as a Template it only saved the Categories, the Descriptions, Quantities & Prices, but it didn't save your SOW Notes, Labor Notes & Material Notes (SKU #s, etc.)

We added in new functionality that allows you to save ALL of this data with a Template, so you can truly be able to create Custom Estimate Templates that are customized with all of your own categories, repairs, prices, SOW notes, & SKUs which will save you hours of time re-creating estimates, SOW notes & material lists for your projects!

#11 New Scope of Work Note Starter Templates

Our Estimator Templates are pre-built with Starter Scope of Work Notes that describe the Scope of Work that the Contractor needs to provide in their proposal.

Roofing SOW Example:

  • Furnish and install new roof shingles, roof vents, flashings & components as required by local building standards.
  • All roofing components are to be contractor furnished, contractor installed.
  • Remove existing shingles as necessary to install new roof shingles.
  • Replace damaged or rotted plywood sheathing as necessary.
  • Repair any loose or damaged gutters or downspouts.
  • Plywood replacement will be priced by each sheet required to be replaced. Price per sheet: $_______________
  • Final Cleaning: Clean up all scrap roofing materials, debris and screws from project site.

You can use our Starter notes to help you get started and then edit, customize and save your own SOW notes that you can use on future projects!

Instead of it taking hours to create a Scope of Work, you can now create a SOW in minutes! ⏲️

Roofing Scope of Work Notes

#10 Export your SOW to Word

We added in new functionality to our Scope of Work Report that allows you to export your SOW to Microsoft Word so you can make additional customizations as necessary for your rehab projects!

#9 New Schedule Starter Templates

We launched new Schedule Templating functionality that allows you to load Schedule Starter Templates and save your own custom templates that you can use on future projects! 🎉

In the past, creating a detailed project schedule took nearly an hour to create, but with our new Schedule Templating you can load a project schedule in seconds! ⌚

Our Project Scheduler now includes 3 Starter Templates that you can use to help you get started:

  1. Gut Rehab Schedule Template
  2. Cosmetic Rehab Schedule Template
  3. New Construction Schedule Template

These schedule Starter Templates include a detailed list of major rehab tasks and milestones, as well as approximate durations, dependencies & connections.

Once you load in a Schedule Starter Template you can customize the task descriptions, order of operations and durations as needed for your specific project.

#8 Save Schedules as Templates

Flipping houses is a very repeatable process, so once you customize your schedule you can save it as a template that can be reused on future projects!

You can use our Starter Templates to help you get started, but then you can customize your schedule to meet your specific needs and save your schedule as a template that you can reuse on future projects, saving you hours of re-work!

#7 Print Project Schedules to PDF

You can also print your Project Schedules to a PDF document! 🖨

Printing your Project Schedules to PDF will allow you to easily share your schedules with your Contractors via email.

You can also print off a hard copy of your project schedule 🖨 and post it on site so all Contractors will know when their expected start dates and completion dates are due for each task on the project.

​This will help with project coordination and scheduling to ensure you and your Contractors are all on the same page so you can finish your rehab project on-time and on-budget!

#6 New Autoscheduling Functionality

Your rehab projects are never going to go exactly according to plan. There will be delays, setbacks & unforeseen issues that will impact your schedule start dates & completion dates.

Previously, if a task start date or duration inevitably changed you had to manually update each task down line on the schedule which can very time consuming! 😩

Now, with our new Autoscheduling features, our Scheduler automatically updates all of your tasks and dependencies whenever something in your schedule inevitably changes!

Now with our new Autoscheduling feature the Project Scheduler automatically updates all tasks downline for you which saves you a substantial amount of time when your project schedule inevitably changes.

#5 New Critical Path Functionality

We also launched new functionality into our Project Scheduler tool that allows you to identify the Critical Path on your project schedule.

#4 Print Reports to PDF

We launched our new print to PDF functionality that allows you to print your Investment Packet, Estimate Report & Scope of Work Report to a PDF document.

#3 Zillow Data API

We also launched our new Zillow Data API that automatically pulls in property data for new projects.

Previously you had to enter all of this data manually, but now with the new Zillow data API the property square footage, # of beds & baths ,lot size, year built, school district, high school, middle school & elementary school information automatically loads into the software.

#2 Speed Updates

We launched some new speed enhancements which should make FlipperForce faster than ever!

Our Rehab Estimator templates hold A LOT of data.

Each template has over 35 Categories (Roofing, Siding, Painting, Cabinetry, etc), and a pricing database of over 700 common repair items. Not to mention our Estimator stores pages, upon pages of SOW notes that you can use to get bids from your Contractors.

All of this data connects and feeds to different tools and reports throughout the software which was causing various pages to load unbearably slow.

Previously, it would take around 20 to 25 seconds to load various pages. Now those pages are loading in 2 to 3 seconds! That's a 10x improvement on speed!

Don't believe me?

Here's a video of me testing driving FlipperForce with our new speed enhancements:

#1 New User Management/Access Control

With our new User Management & Access Control functionality you can add team members to your workspace and control user access so team members can only view and edit certain tools in the software.

This will allow you to create project teams and control user access based upon their roles in the company.

Acquisitions/Project Management/Accounting

Our new User Management & Access Control is perfect for project teams that have defined roles in the business for the 3 stages of a flip:

  1. Acquisition
  2. Project Management
  3. Accounting

You can also use our new User Management functionality to grant access to individuals outside of your organization.

Contractor Access

You could give your General Contractor access to the Repair Estimator tool so they can create an estimate for you with their pricing directly in the app. Or you could give the contractor access to the Project Scheduler so they can create a project schedule and manage/edit the on-going schedule start and completion dates during the project.

Bookkeeper Access

You could also give your bookkeeper access to the Accounting tools and reports so they can enter expenses and manage your books

Virtual Assistant

Or you could give your virtual assistant access that manages data entry, tasks or expenses.

More Updates Coming Soon!

We’re dedicated to continuously improving the FlipperForce platform and have an endless list of new tools, features, and enhancements we’re planning for the near future. Check out our Software Road Map to see what we're building next And, if you have any feedback, ideas, or suggestions, collaborate with our community to help us decide what we should build next! FlipperForce Software Wish List

Let us know if you have any questions or comments below:👇

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