Task Manager Revamp! New Task Templates, New Sort/Filter & More!

Dave Robertson
July 30, 2020
5 min read

We just launched our Task Manager makeover that completely revamps our Task Manager and adds in new Task Checklist Templates & more!

New Task Templates!

On every house flip there are hundreds of small miscellaneous tasks that you need to get done to buy the property, renovate the property and then get the property sold.  

FlipperForce now includes 14 Pre-Built Task Templates that you can quickly load into the Task Manager in a matter of seconds! FlipperForce has Task Templates can be used to help you manage each stage of your house flip:

  1. Submitting an Offer Checklist
  2. Property Inspection Checklist
  3. Contractor Bidding Checklist
  4. Rehab Planning Checklist
  5. Purchase Closing Checklist
  6. Project Startup Checklist
  7. Demolition Phase Checklist
  8. Rough-In Phase Checklist
  9. Weekly Project Management Checklist
  10. Weekly Project Accounting Checklist
  11. Rehab Project Closeout Checklist
  12. Property Listing Checklist
  13. Offer Acceptance Checklist
  14. Sale Closing Checklist

New Sort/Filter Functionality

We added in new functionality to sort/filter your task data by Date, by User, by Priority & by Status!

Rehab Project Task Management

New Task Search

If you have a bunch of tasks in your checklist and you are having trouble finding a certain task, you can use the Search to quickly find the task you are looking for!

Rehab Project Management Searching Tasks

New Export Tasks to CSV/PDF or copy to Clipboard!

You can also export your Tasks Lists to a CSV spreadsheet file, a PDF or you can copy the data to your Clipboard so you can quickly paste it to another document!

Rehab Project Management Task Manager

New Task Commenting

You can also add Notes and Comment on Tasks to collaborate with your team.

Rehab Project Management Comments

Next:Task Email Notifications!

Next we will be adding new Task Email notifications to send out email notifications if you are assigned to a task by a teammate and send out task reminders & event reminders.

Daily & Weekly Look-ahead Emails

We will also be adding daily & weekly look-ahead emails so you will always know what project schedules, tasks & events you have going on during the day or week ahead.

Dave Robertson
July 30, 2020
5 min read
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