Editing Tasks on the Project Calendar

Learn how to edit Schedule Task & Task Manager Tasks directly on the Project Calendar.

Video Transcript

The Project Calendar feeds in Tasks from the Project Scheduler & Task Manager tools.  Instead of wasting time navigating back to those tools to edit tasks, you can simply edit the tasks directly on the Project Calendar.

On our Project Calendar you can see we have “The Bat Project” schedule which is displaying the schedule tasks that were added on our Project Scheduler tool.  Instead of navigating back to the Project Scheduler I can edit the schedule task descriptions & dates directly on the Calendar.  Simply click the item you want to edit open a window to edit the task description or date and click save.  

Or better yet, if you simply want to change the start date or duration of a task you can drag and drop the task itm on the calendar to change the start date or duration.

You can also edit tasks on directly on the Project Calendar without navigating back to the Task Manger.  Simply click the task you want to edit and a slideout window will appear to edit the task description, date and notes for that item.  

Again you can also simply drag and drop the task item on the project calendar if you want to change the start date

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