Project Calendar Overview

Learn the basics of using the Project Calendar to manage all of your on-going project schedules, tasks, events & appointments.

Video Transcript

The Project Calendar is the global overall view where you can manage all of your project schedules, project tasks & appointments in one calendar view.

If you have multiple projects going on at the same time the Project Calendar will be a powerful resource to help you see everything that is happening or needs to happen on all of your projects in your business.

Let’s start with the basics, there are 3 calendar items that are displayed on the Project Calendar, Events, Project Schedule Tasks & Task Manager Tasks.

Events are appointments or meetings that have a set start time & end time that can be added directly to the project calendar by clicking the day you want to add an event,, so for example “meet agent at house for walkthrough” and then you can set the Event start time, so let’s say 9AM & then the  end time at 10AM.

Once you add an event, the event will be shown on the project calendar in a monthly view, or if you switch to weekly or daily you can see your hour by hour appointment schedule.

The other 2 Calendar items that feed over to the Project Calendar are the Project Schedule Tasks & Task Manager Tasks that feed tasks from our 2 project management tools the Project Scheduler & Task Manager.

The Project Scheduler is used to plan and manage start and completion dates for major construction tasks and milestones such as roofing, exterior painting, landscaping, demolition, drywall, cabinetry, painting, tiling, stuff like that  The Project Scheduler creates a gantt chart timeline and includes unique capabilities to add task dependencies, autoscheduiling that automatically moves tasks if something inevitable changes in your schedule and allows you to identify the critical path.

These project schedule tasks feed over to your Project Calendar so you can see when your major construction tasks & contractors are scheduled to be started and completed. 

If you have multiple projects going on at once the project calendar will be a valuable resource to manage all of your construction tasks and contractor start and completion dates in one calendar view.

The 2nd project management tool is the Task Manager which is used to manage daily tasks & to-dos.  The reason the task manager & project scheduler are separate, is you don’t want to clutter your Gantt chart timeline with a bunch of miniscule small tasks like “call realtor to schedule closing date” or “order ink for printer” or “write a glowing review about FlipperForce online”...that type of stuff doesn’t need to be on the Project Schedule which is why it is managed completely separately on the Task Manager.

These daily tasks & to-do’s from the Task Manager feed over to the Project Calendar so you can view all of your project tasks in one calendar view.

Again, if you have multiple projects going on, the overall Project Calendar will be the best place to go to review all of your events, project tasks & schedules for all of your projects in one location.

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