Task Manager Overview

Learn How the Task Manager Can Organize and Streamline Your Daily Tasks & To-Dos!

Video Transcript

When you first open the Task Manager you will need to add a Task List

Task Lists are used to manage groupings of similar tasks

You can use one of our 14 Pre-Built Task List Templates that FlipperForce provides for each phase of a flip or you can build your own task list template from scratch.

Let’s use one of our Task List Templates to quickly load in a pre-built task list template in a matter of seconds.

On our Task List templates page we have 14 different pre-built checklists that you can use to quickly load a task checklist into the task manager.

These Task List Templates are broken down into 4 stages of the flip:

  1. Submitting an Offer Checklist
  2. Property Inspection Checklist
  3. Contractor Bidding Checklist
  4. Rehab Planning Checklist
  5. Purchase Closing Checklist
  6. Project Startup Checklist
  7. Demolition Phase Checklist
  8. Rough-In Phase Checklist
  9. Weekly Project Management Checklist
  10. Weekly Project Accounting Checklist
  11. Rehab Project Closeout Checklist
  12. Property Listing Checklist
  13. Offer Acceptance Checklist
  14. Sale Closing Checklist

Since we’re just getting started, let’s start by loading the Submitting an Offer Checklist into the Task Manager.

Once we click load list the Submitting an Offer checklist automatically loads all 10 tasks included in that pre-built checklist, with a step-by-step process of the offer process.

Now that we have the Task List Template loaded we can give the task a due date, assign a priority and assign responsibility to myself or other team members in our company workspace.

You can assign additional notes to the task, you can comment on tasks & even upload attachments!

If you have a team account and assign a task to another teammate or comment on a task, your teammates that are assigned to the task will automatically get an email sent so everyone on your team can stay informed on project progress and to-dos.

You will also get task reminder emails, and daily and weekly look ahead emails that tell you all of your tasks, schedules & events that you have going on that day or week ahead.  

If you ever want to see an overall view of all of your tasks, schedules and events you have on all of your on-going projects, checkout the Project Calendar which displays all of your tasks, schedules events on a monthly, weekly or daily basis.  

I personally like the list view which lists every task, schedule and event you have going on in the week ahead!

Marking Tasks as Complete

As you start to make progress on your project and complete your tasks on your task list, you can mark the tasks as complete.

Mark Tasks as Complete FlipperForce

Sorting Tasks

If you need to sort or filter your task data you can sort by status, by Team Member, by Priority. You can also sort your tasks alphabetically by Name or you can sort your tasks newest to oldest by date.

Task Manager Sort by Date

Searching Tasks

If you are having trouble finding a task you can also use the search option to quickly search your task list to find the task you are looking for!

Task Manager Searching FlipperForce

If you need to export your data out of the Task Manager you can copy the data to your clipboard to Paste it where you need or you can export the tasks to a CSV spreadsheet file so you can open the tasks in Excel or export.

As you start to build out and customize your task lists to fit our specific business needs, you can save your own tasks lists as a template that you can reuse on future projects!  

Overall the Task Manager, pre-built task templates and email notifications can help you and your team get organized and get stuff done!

If you have any questions about the Task Manager shoot us a message in chat or send us an email!

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