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Task Manager Tutorials

Task Manager Overview

Learn How the Task Manager Can Organize and Streamline Your Daily Tasks & To-Dos!

What's the Difference Between the Task Manager & Project Scheduler?

What's the Difference Between the Task Manager & Project Scheduler?

Loading Task Checklist Templates

Learn How to Quickly Load Detailed Task Checklist Templates into the Task Manager

Saving Custom Task Templates

Our Task Manager allows you to save your own Custom Task Checklists that you can reuse on all of your projects and help you and your team put a system in place to manage, organize and streamline the house flipping process.

Managing Your Custom Task Templates

Learn how you can manage your, edit and delete your existing custom task templates you have saved in your company workspace.

Sorting, Filtering and Searching Tasks

Learn how to sort, filter and search your Tasks on the Task Manager.

Exporting Tasks to a CSV Spreadsheet or PDF

Learn how to export your task data to a CSV spreadsheet or a PDF.
How to Flip Houses Guide
step-by-step house flipping guide

Don't Know How to Flip a House?

If you are looking for a free, no-hassle, Self-Guided resource to learn about flipping houses checkout our  step-by-step house flipping guide with over 50 articles, videos and case studies on how to flip houses.

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