Scheduler Tutorials

Getting to Know Your 3 Schedule Starter Templates
In this video, Dave will walk you through the differences between our 3 estimate starter templates that Flipper Force provides to help you get started estimating rehab & new construction costs!
Loading Schedule Starter Templates
Learn how to use FlipperForce's pre-built Scheduler Starter Templates to create a project schedule for your rehab projects in a matter of seconds instead of hours!
Changing Your Schedule Start Date
Learn How to Change your Schedule Start Date for your Rehab Projects.
Project Schedule Hiearchies
Learn how to use the Project Task Type to build project hierarchies into your rehab project schedules to help you organize and manage your different segments of work on your rehab projects. Learn more about our web-based house flipping software at
FAQ: How to Change the Overall Project Start Date & Duration
Learn how to change the overall project start date and duration on the Project Scheduler
Schedule Dependencies & Relationships
Learn about Schedule Dependencies and Relationships which can be used to create schedules for your Rehab Projects.
Learn about our new Autoscheduling functionality that automatically updates your project schedules when you change the start date or duration of a task that has dependencies down line on the project schedule.
What is Critical Path?
Learn about the Critical Path and how it can be used to identify important tasks on your rehab project schedules.
Saving Your Own Custom Schedule Templates
Learn how to Save Your Own Custom Schedule Templates that you can re-use on future rehab projects!
Printing Your Project Schedule
Learn how to setup and print your project schedules so you can share them with your Contractors.
CASE STUDY: How to Create a Schedule for a Rehab Project
In this Case Study I take a deep dive into the process of creating a project schedule for a rehab project.

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