Saving Your Own Custom Schedule Templates

Learn how to Save Your Own Custom Schedule Templates that you can re-use on future rehab projects!

Video Transcript

Flipping Houses is a very repeatable business and although each house may be different, the steps of renovating a property are usually pretty similar, which is why we add the ability to save your own Custom Templates that you can re-use on future projects, so you don’t have to recreate your project schedules every time you start a new project.

Once you get done customizing your own project schedule with your own tasks, milestones and durations, you can save your project schedule as a template by clicking on the Template Options button in the upper right hand corner.  You will be presented with an option to save the schedule as a Template.

Rehab Project Scheduling Software

Once you click Save as Template, you can enter the Template Name for the Schedule Template and click save which will save the template as a Global Custom Schedule Template that you can re-use for future projects.

On your next rehab project instead of needing to completely re-build your project from scratch, you can simply load your Custom Schedule Template to the Scheduler in a matter of seconds.

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