Printing Your Project Schedule

Learn how to setup and print your project schedules so you can share them with your Contractors.

Video Transcript

Once you finish building your project schedule your can print your schedule to a PDF document so you can email it to your contractors, or you can print off a hard copy so you can print off and post your project schedules on a wall at your job site so all of your contractors are on the same page for their start dates and completion dates. 

The Project Scheduler is setup to print exactly whats displayed on your screen, so before you click the Export to PDF button, you will first want to tailor the schedule to exactly how you want it to look on your printout.

So for example, if you want the printout to show the Critical path, you will need to turn on the Critical Path on the Scheduler.

If you don’t like how the schedule and timeline currently fits on the screen you will want to adjust the zoom settings on the scheduler, by zooming out, zooming in or using the zoom to fit option.

Once you have the Schedule setup to exactly how you want it to look you can click the Export to PDF button which will create a PDF document of your Schedule.

The Schedule PDF will then be downloading to your web browser, where you can open up the PDF document.

From there, you can download the PDF and save it to your computer, or you can print the PDF using your paper printer so you can printout a hard copy to post on your job site or give to your contractors.

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