Changing Your Schedule Start Date

Learn How to Change your Schedule Start Date for your Rehab Projects.

Video Transcript

When you first load one of our schedule starter templates you’ll notice the schedule starts on a random day of the year.

Well in order to change the start date for the project you need to change the start date of the first item on the schedule.

Now you’ll notice if you drag the first item on the schedule wit auto scheduling turned off, none of the schedule tasks down line update, which is a problem, because then you would have to manually drag and drop each individual item.

So the first thing you will want to do is turn on Autoscheduling, which will automatically update all task dependencies down line on the schedule if you change the start date.

Once you have Autoscheduling turned on, you can drag the first item on the schedule to the start date that you want, or if you double click on the task you can edit the date and input it manually.

The first item on our schedule is roofing and all schedule items down line depend on the roofing start date, so we are going to drag roofing to a start date of August 1st.

You can see once we drag roofing to start on August 1st, because we have Autoscheduling turned on, all tasks down line that depend on the roofing start date are automatically shifted backward.

In summary, first make sure you turn on Autoscheduling and then drag or change the start date of the first item on the schedule and all other schedule items will automatically update and shift down line for you.

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