Schedule Dependencies & Relationships

Learn about Schedule Dependencies and Relationships which can be used to create schedules for your Rehab Projects.

Video Transcript

So what are dependencies?

Dependencies are relationships between two tasks.

The most common dependency relationship that you will use is a finish-to-start relationship.  

So for example, the Siding has to be Finished in order to Start the Exterior Painting, right, so you cant’ actually start painting the siding until you actually have the siding installed, so the relationship is a finish to start relationship, again the Siding has to be Finished in Order to Start the Painting.

So let’s show you how you can build relationship and dependencies on our Project Scheduling tool.

Our Scheduler allows you to build these dependencies and relationships between two tasks by using connectors.

So if we go back to our Siding and Exterior Painting relationship, again we have a finish to start relationship, so we need to drag a connection from the end of Siding and drag it to the front of Exterior painting which will tell the scheduler that Painting can’t start until Siding is finished.

And then we can go through and connect the rest of our relationships,
So after exterior painting is completed we can start our landscaping on the project,

And now let’s go through our interior work.

So demolition is our first task, and once demolition is finishes we can start, rough framing, and after rough framing is completed we can start our rough electrical & our rough plumbing, so technically we can start both of these items once rough framing is completed, so we will drag two dependencies to rough electrical & rough framing.

Once rough electrical and rough plumbing our completed we can start drywall, so we will drag to connections from the end of rough electrical and rough plumbing,
And then after drywall is finished we can start doors & trim, and then interior painting and then our kitchens, bathrooms,etc.

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