Loading Schedule Starter Templates

Learn how to use FlipperForce's pre-built Scheduler Starter Templates to create a project schedule for your rehab projects in a matter of seconds instead of hours!

Video Transcript

When you first open the Project Scheduler you will be shown a blank schedule, so if you want to start building a schedule from scratch, you can add your first task to the schedule by clicking the plus icon along the toolbar and manually add in each task on the schedule.

But building a schedule from scratch can be very time consuming, which is why FlipperForce provides Schedule Starter Templates to help you get started.

To load in a Schedule Starter Template click the Template Options button in the upper right hand corner, and click the Load Templates option.

Rehab Schedule Starter Templates

You have two different options for loading a Schedule Template, the first option is to use one of FlipperForce’s pre-built Starter Templates.

You can also customize and create your own Schedule Starter Templates that are customized with your schedule tasks, order of operations and durations.

For this video, we are going to assume that you haven't created your own custom schedule template and are going to use one of our FlipperForce starter templates to help you get started.

FlipperForce includes 3 different schedules starter templates, a gut rehab template, a cosmetic rehab templates & a new construction template.

Select the starter template you want to use and click save to load the schedule into the project scheduler.

In a matter of seconds the Project Scheduler will generate a detailed project schedule, with tasks, milestones, durations & dependencies that you can use to help you get started.

Once the schedule is loaded you can customize the task descriptions, rearrange the order of operations, and change the durations to truly fit your specific project timeline.

Once you get done completing your project schedule you can save the schedule as a Template that can be used on future projects.

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