Austin Flipsters

The Snail House

The Flipsters finally have a straight-forward, drama-free flip unless don’t count the break-in, or the bug-infestation, or the cabinet snafu

Flipping a House During a Pandemic | Before & After

The pandemic has turned everyone’s world upside down-including the Flipsters! They were smack dab in the middle of their latest project- the Chateau Garbage - when the global pandemic hit.

The SOCO Bungalow

Location, location, location! Our latest project is located in the heart of South Austin just one block off super trendy South Congress Street.

The Dance Hall

The Austin Flipsters are taking a 1960’s ranch-style house down to the studs for a complete renovation.

North Austin Split Level

In this video Lauren takes you behind the scenes of one of our past projects. This 80’s split level gets a new modern open-concept layout and some major cosmetic upgrades.

Our Worst Flip Ever

In this episode, Lincoln looks back at one of their worst projects ever.

East Austin Bungalow

The Austin Flipsters take a trip down memory lane and across Interstate 35 to the Eastside of Austin in this week’s episode.

Lady Bird House

The Austin Flipsters transform this south Austin property taking her from an ugly duckling to a regal lady bird.

The Mystery House

The Austin Flipsters bought a house sight unseen in a competitive flip market. Will the risk pay off or will layout issues derail the whole thing?

The Squatty Potty House

Always wanted to know what it's like to flip a house? Come along as we take you behind the scenes of a real life flip. You won't believe how this house transforms in this entertaining before and after reveal.

Cat House

Austin Flipsters are back at it with their latest flip project - affectionately nicknamed The Cat House. Watch to see how this property transforms from cat house to the cat’s meow.
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