The Build DocuSeries

The Build - Episode 001 - Truth About Real Estate Investing

The gurus don't want you to see how hard it is to really make money investing in real estate but we're here to pull back the curtain and show you the truth.

The Build - Episode 002 - Dealing With The Neighbors

Dealing With The Neighbors

The Build - Episode 003 - Productive Project Management

Productive Project Management

The Build - Episode 004 - Doing Deals & Signing Checks

Doing Deals & Signing Checks

The Build - Episode 005 - Team Building Strategies

Team Building Strategies

The Build - Episode 006 - Challenges Of Investing In Real Estate

Challenges Of Investing In Real Estate

The Build - Episode 007 - Dealing With Subcontractors

Dealing With Subcontractors

The Build - Episode 008 - Real Estate Market Shift

Real Estate Market Shift

The Build - Episode 009 - Efficient Project Management

Efficient Project Management

The Build - Episode 010 - The Value Of Investing In Yourself

The Value Of Investing In Yourself

The Build - Episode 011 - Building Systems That Scale

Building Systems That Scale

The Build - Episode 012 - Real Estate Ride Along

Real Estate Ride Along

The Build - Episode 013 - Wholesaling Real Estate Deals

Wholesaling Real Estate Deals

The Build - Episode 014 - Building Your Team

Building Your Team

The Build - Season 1 Finale - Wrapping Up Projects

Wrapping Up Projects

The Build - Jefferson Ave Project Walkthrough

Watch this quick walk through of Gabe DaSilva's latest 'Add-A-Level' Renovation project in New Jersey.
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