Getting Started Tutorials

Start to Finish Overview

Step by Step Walkthrough of the Entire Flipper Force Platform

Creating a New House Flipping Project

Learn How to Create a New Project in FlipperForce house flipping software.

Setting Up and Managing Your Property Details

Learn How to Setup and Manage Your Property Details Page in FlipperForce house flipping software.

Setting Up Your User Profile

Learn how to Setup Your User Profile in our FlipperForce house flipping software.

Renaming Your Projects

Learn How to Rename Your House Flipping Projects in our FlipperForce house flipping software.

Archiving Projects

Learn How to Archive House Flipping Projects in FlipperForce house flipping software.

Deleting Projects

Learn How to Delete House Flipping Projects from FlipperForce house flipping software.

Interactive Tutorials and Tooltips

Checkout our New Interactive Tutorials and Tooltips you should see the next time you sign-in to your FlipperForce account!

New Zillow Data API (Automatically Pull In Property Data)

Checkout our New Zillow Data API which automatically pulls in property data for property size, beds, baths, square footage, & school district information.

New Project Duplication

With our latest update to our Flipper Force house flipping software platform we added in new functionality so you can duplicate an entire project in a matter of seconds!

New User Management & Access Control

With our new User Management & Access Control update you can now add multiple team members to your workspace and control user access so team members can only view and edit certain tools in the software.
How to Flip Houses Guide
step-by-step house flipping guide

Don't Know How to Flip a House?

If you are looking for a free, no-hassle, Self-Guided resource to learn about flipping houses checkout our  step-by-step house flipping guide with over 50 articles, videos and case studies on how to flip houses.

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