Exporting Tasks to a CSV Spreadsheet or PDF

Learn how to export your task data to a CSV spreadsheet or a PDF.

Video Transcript

You have 3 different options for exporting your task data out of the task manager:

  1. Copy to clipboard
  2. Export to CSV
  3. And Print to PDF

Copy to Clipboard

Copying the data to your clipboard will allow you to quickly copy and paste all of your task data to another location on your computers.  The Copy to clipboard option will come in handy if you have an existing spreadsheet or document open that you want to quickly and copy and paste your task data into .

Export to CSV

Now if you are wanting to export your data directly into a spreadsheet, then you might as well use the Export to CSV functionality which automatically exports the data to a CSV spreadsheet file that you can open in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

Print to PDF

The print option generates a PDF document of all of your tasks in your task list that you can share via email or print as a hardcopy to give to your project team and contractors on-site.

One thing to note is that all 3 data export options will export the data exactly as shown in the table, so for example if you sort / filter the data to show only tasks that are overdue, then only the overdue tasks will be exported to your clipboard, CSV or PDF.

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