Adding, Editing, and Deleting Repair Categories in the Repair Estimator

Learn how to add new Categories, edit Categories, and delete Categories as needed in the Repair Estimator.

Video Transcript

Our Repair Estimator comes with pre-built starter templates that come with a list of common categories and repair items.

If you need to customize these categories, you can add your own categories, edit category names, move categories and delete categories.
First, let’s talk about adding New Categories.  If you need to add a new category, you will find an Add New Category button at the bottom of the Estimator.  Once you click add new category, a modal will pop open where you can add the Category Name, and choose the Area where you want the Category to be Added.

I’m going to Add a New Category called Man Cave, and I’m going to add that to the Interiors section.  Now, I’m going to click on the Interiors tab, and scroll to the bottom where you will find my newly added Man Cave Category.

Now that we’ve added the Category, we can move the Category to wherever we want in that Area.

If you want to edit a Category Name, you can change the Name by clicking the Edit icon on the right.  Let’s say the Man Cave is now changing to the Kids Room.

Now that we have the Kids Room Category added, we can add repair items and unit prices to the Category.  
You can add as many Categories, Subcategories and Repair Items as needed to your Estimator Database,

...but what if you want to simplify the Estimator and delete the Categories you don’t use?

For example, maybe you don’t ever buy properties with pools….you can delete the Pool categories from your Estimator Database. Now when you delete the Category, it will delete all of the Sub Categories, Repair Items, Unit Prices and Notes in that category, so make sure you want to delete the Category before you permanently delete it from your Database.  

Once you click delete you will be prompted with a warning, just in case.
Remember, once you customize your database with your Categories and Repair Items you can save your Estimator Database as a Template to be used on future projects.

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