Creating Rehab Estimate Templates

Learn how to create Rehab Estimate Templates that you can save for estimating costs on future rehab projects!

Video Transcript

Our Repair Estimator tool allows you to customize your Repair Cost Database and Save Templates that you can use for future projects.

You can customize your Repair Cost Database however you need by adding new categories, deleting categories, and dragging and dropping, and reordering categories as needed.  

You can also customize all of your repair items, and unit prices to fit your local market and specific business needs.

Once you get the Estimator customized to how you want to estimate costs for your projects, you can save the Estimate as Template that you can use for future projects.

To Save Your Estimate as a Template, click the Save As Template button at the top which will open up a module for you to Save the Template name to be used for future estimates.

Repair Estimator Save As Template

Once you click Save Template, all of your Estimate Data including the Estimate Categories, Repair Items, Quantities, Unit prices and Scope of Work notes will be saved with your Estimate Template.

The Next time you create a new Estimate, your dropdown menu will include a list of our Starter Templates and your personalized Templates saves in your account.

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