Creating a Scope of Work using the Repair Estimator

Learn how to create detailed Scopes of Work to receive bids from your Contractors using our Repair Estimator tool!

Video Transcript

Our Repair Estimator tool is pre-built with a Repair Cost Database that includes common trade categories, repair items and unit prices that can be used to create estimates for your projects.

The Estimator Database also includes built-in Scope of Work notes for each Trade Category that can be used to create a SOW for your contractors.

To edit the SOW notes for a Trade Category, click on the Note icon next to the Category Name, which will open a popup module with Scope of Work notes for that category.

These SOW notes will be used to describe the work that your Contractor needs to perform and include in their bid for the project.

For example, our Roofing Scope of Work notes state that the Contractor is responsible for furnishing and installing all labor and materials in their bid amount

It also states the Contractor should include all roof shingles, roof vents, flashings and components required by local building codes.

Then it states the shingle material specification and sku #  that the contractor should purchase and include in their bid.

Also states the roofer is responsible for removing the existing roofing, and if they run into any rotted plywood they need to provide a price per sheet of plywood

And then finally it states the roofer needs to cleanup and hauloff  any left over roof debris or nails from the project site.

So all of these Scopes of Work notes here are included with each Category.  So if we click on Siding, Siding, will have it’s own Scope of Work notes, exterior painting, decking and so on.

These pre-built scope of work notes are completely editable, so you can change the wording, change the formatting as needed.

Once you get done creating your Estimate and Scope of Work, you can navigate over to your Scope of Work report where you can further customize your Scope of Work and it share it with your Contractors.

Your SOW report breaks down your Scope of Work by Category.  

At the top of the Category, you will find a Table of quanties and repairs that you had included in your Estimate.  Below the Table, you will find your Scope of Work notes.

You can edit your SOW notes directly on the report, which will automatically update back to the Estimator.

You can also upload pictures of the repairs to help your contractor visualize the repairs that need to be made to the property.

Once you finish your Scope of Work, you can Share your Report using the Share link at the top.

One of the new features we will hopefully have soon is the ability to export your Scope of Work to a PDF or to a Document file such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs which will allow you to make even further customizatinos to the document.

If you want to save your Scope of Work notes for future projects, navigate back to the Repair Estimator and click Save Template which will save the Repair Estimator Data and your Scope of Work notes with your Estimate Template.

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