Archiving Projects

Learn How to Archive House Flipping Projects in FlipperForce house flipping software.

Video Transcript

To Archive an Active Project, navigate to the Property Details page for the project you are wanting to archive.

On the right hand side there is a Project Info panel, with a Project Status dropdown menu.  The Project Status menu allows you to change the status from an Active Project to an Archived project.

To change the Project from Active to Archived, select Archived from the dropdown menu and click ‘Save Project’.

Archive House Flipping Project

So what’s the difference between Archiving a Project & Permanently Deleting a Project?

Archiving allows you to hide projects from your Active Projects lists, but allows you to revive the project if you want to access the property information in the future.  Whereas deleting a project completely and permanently deletes a Project from the software database and cannot be revived.

To Revive an old Archived Project, navigate to the Project Dashboard which has a list of all your Active and Archived Projects.  Your active projects are shown at the top of the Project Dashboard, and your archived projects are listed at the bottom. Click the project that you want to revive, which will navigate you to the Property Details Page.  From there, you can change the Project Status back to Active, and Click Save.

Once you click save your project will be shown in your Active Projects lists and displayed on your Project Dashboards.

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