Setting Up and Managing Your Property Details

Learn How to Setup and Manage Your Property Details Page in FlipperForce house flipping software.

Video Transcript

To navigate to the Property Details page, you can click on a Project from the Project Dashboard which will navigate you to the property details page for that project.  Otherwise, if you have your current project selected, you can click on the Property Details link in the sidebar which will navigate you to the Property Details page for the project.

House Flip Property Details

The Property Details page stores all of the basic property information including the Project Name, Property Address, Property Characteristics, Construction Methods, School Information and Owner Information.

Most of this information is pre-populated using the Zillow API, which automatically feeds in property data for your property.  If any data is missing you can fill in the data manually and click save.

If there is any additional information that you want to store, you can use the Notes tab to type in additional notes for the property.

This Property Information  is presented on the Property Details page of the Investment Packet, so if you are going to be using the Property Details Page in your Investment Packet Presentations, you will need to setup and save the property information here first.

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