Creating a New House Flipping Project

Learn How to Create a New Project in FlipperForce house flipping software.

Video Transcript

You have a couple of different options for Adding New Projects to the software.  

The first option is to add a New Project from the Projects Dashboard page.  The Project Dashboard page has a list view of all of your Active Projects.  In the upper right hand corner of the Project Table you will see Add Project button, which will open a popup module to Add a New Project to the system.

Add a New House Flipping Project

The other option is to use the Add Project button that can be found along the top navigation bar throughout the software.  Once you click the add button it will open a popup window to Add your Basic Project information. 

Once you input your Project Name, upload a Cover Image and input the Property Address, click the ‘Create Project’ button which will add the Project to the system and take you to the Property Details page for the project.

Once you add a Project, you will be presented with the project tool set in the sidebar which you can use to Analyze the Deal, Estimate Repairs & Manage Your Projects.

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