Estimating Rehab Costs by Rooms

Checkout our new Estimating Rehab Costs by Room Starter Template that can help you estimate repair costs by room for your rehab projects.

Video Transcript

With our new update to our Rehab Repair Estimator tool you can now estimate rehab costs by rooms in your property such as Kitchens, Bathrooms, Living Rooms and Bedrooms.

Our Estimator comes pre-built with multiple starter templates to help you get started Estimating repairs for your rehab projects.  

Now Some house flippers prefer to estimate their costs by Trade Category, but some prefer to Estimate Rehab Costs by room.  If you prefer estimating your rehab costs by room, you can use our Rehab by Room Starter template which organizes your Repair Categories by rooms on your property.

To Estimate Rehab Costs by Room simply load the Rehab by Room Template to the Estimator.

Once the Estimator loads you will be presented with a Breakdown of Common Repair Categories on your property.  Now the Exterior repairs are still broken down by Trade Categories, such as Roofing, Siding, Windows & Doors, but once you click on the Interiors of the property, you will the Categories are broken down by rooms.

If you click on the Kitchen Category, you will find a list of common repairs and improvements for the kitchen such as cabinetry, countertops, flooring, appliances & fixtures.  

Bathrooms, will include common bathroom repairs and improvements such as Vanities, Tiling, & Plumbing Fixtures.

Living rooms and bedrooms will include finishes such as woodwork, painting, flooring and light fixtures.

Our Estimate by Room template is completely customizable so you can customize the database as needed for your rehab projects, then you can simply click ‘Save As Template’ in the upper right hand corner and save the template for future projects.

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