Feature Spotlight Autoscheduling

June 4, 2019

Feature Spotlight: Autoscheduling

One of the new features we just launched with our revamped Project Scheduler is Autoscheduling! 🎉

Your rehab projects are never going to go exactly according to plan. There will be delays, setbacks & unforeseen issues that will impact your schedule start dates & completion dates.

Previously, if a task start date or duration inevitably changed you had to manually update each task down line on the schedule which can very time consuming! 😩

Now, with our new Autoscheduling features, our Scheduler automatically updates all of your tasks and dependencies whenever something in your schedule inevitably changes!

Now with our new Autoscheduling feature the Project Scheduler automatically updates all tasks downline for you which saves you a substantial amount of time when your project schedule inevitably changes.

Checkout this video on how our new Autoscheduling feature works!

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