Huge Update to the Repair Estimator

November 28, 2018

Huge New Update to the Repair Estimator!

​We have finally launched our highly anticipated Repair Estimator enhancements which significantly enhances the functionality, usability, and customization of our Repair Estimator tool.

Multiple Starter Templates 🙌

Our first major change was with the Estimator Database.  Previously, you only had one Estimate Database, but now you can save multiple Estimate templates in your account!

​Our new Starter Templates give you the ability to quickly load a Starter Template that you can use to estimate costs for your Projects:

The Estimator Database is pre-built with 3 Starter Templates:

  1. Rehab by Category Template
  2. Rehab by Room Template
  3. New Construction Template ​
Rehab Estimator Starter Templates

Save Estimate Templates 😍

​Our new update also gives you the ability to customize and save your own Estimate Templates.

Save Rehab Estimates as Templates

Drag and Drop Categories 👀

Now you can drag and drop edit, and delete categories to truly customize the Estimator fit your business needs.

Drag and Drop Rehab Estimate Categories

Scope of Work Notes (coming soon) 🎉

Soon we will be adding new functionality to the Repair Estimator that helps you create detailed Scopes of Work for your contractors.  Our Repair Estimator templates are pre-built with Scope of Work notes for each Category that can be used to write detailed Scopes of Work for your Contractors to get bids for your rehab projects.

Let us know if you have any questions or comments below:👇

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