July Software Development Update

Dave provides a quick software development update on what we are currently working on in our Flipper Force house flipping software.

July Software Development Update

Dave provides a quick software development update on what we are currently working on in our Flipper Force house flipping software.

These monthly software updates are something we are  going to start doing to help provide transparency on what tools we are building in the platform, but also provide some accountability for ourselves so we can hold ourselves accountable for getting these tools built for you in a timely manner.

We’ve got our Software Road Map open that we have posted to our website which shows all of the tools and features we recently completed, are currently working on, what’s up next & what we have planned in our backlog.

July and August are going to be an exciting month, we have a lot of new improvements planned that will significantly improve the overall functionality of our Flipper Force platform.

Based upon our user feedback it sounds like the Rental Calculator/BRRRR calculator, the Materials manager & a Quickbooks integration is the most important new feature you want us to add.

We definitely are planning on getting those tools and features built for you, but before we do that we really feel like there are existing tools and features that need to be improved before we start adding in completely new software tools.

We don’t want to be a jack-of-all-trades, master of none platform so before we build out those tools we are going to be spending the next month improving our existing tool set.

In case you didn’t see we’ve already started to make some exciting progress in July, this last week we launched our new export to CSV functionality so you can export your expenses to a CSV spreadsheet.

We also launched some new improvements to our Project Scheduler that improves the way schedule starter templates are loaded into the scheduler.  Now you can select the schedule start date and load a schedule template into your project in a matter of seconds.

This week we will be launching new print to PDF functionality for all of our Accounting reports, so you will be able to print your budget reports, expense reports & final profit statements to a PDF to share with your account.

Next week we are going to be starting on a major revamp of our Task Manager, so we will be completely revamping the Task Manager, adding in functionality for saving task templates/checklists that you can reuse on future projects, we will also be adding in new email notifications.

Our task email notifications will send out task notifications if you been assigned to a task by a teammate, it will send out task reminders & event reminders, and then also it will be sending out daily & weekly look-aheads so you will always know what project schedules, tasks & events you have going on during the day or week ahead.

After the task manager improvements we will be revamping the Document Manager to provide improved file management so you can add, edit, and delete folders to create a customized folder hierarchy.  We will also be improving the cloud infrastructure utilized to store the files which should improve speed/performance.

Finally we will also be revamping our Expense Tracker to improve the overall user interface and performance.

Currently the Expense tracker can be a little slow with large datasets so we will be adding in pagination to improve the speed and performance of the Expense Tracker. We will also be adding functionality to upload receipt images for your expenses.

Once we get done revamping some of our existing tools, we will finally be ready to start building the new tools you requested like the Rental Calculator/BRRRR Calculator, material manager & Quickbooks integration which we will hopefully be able start in middle to late August.

To track our progress, you can find all of our latest updates on our New Features page, or directly in the app there is a lightning bolt at the top of the navbar which has a list of the latest updates we’ve made to our software.

We're excited about the upcoming month of development work we have planned, I think our software will undergo a major transformation over the course of the next few weeks and months as we significantly improve the overall functionality and usability of our underlying tool set, and then we're really looking forward to getting the Rental Calculator built which has been one of most widely requested features by our user base.

If you have any feedback or thoughts on how we can improve our Flipper Force software you can request a feature on our Feature request page and then our user base can collaborate and upvote your suggestions to help us prioritize what we should build next.

Learn more about our web-based house flipping software at https://www.flipperforce.com/

More Updates Coming Soon!

We’re dedicated to continuously improving the FlipperForce platform and have an endless list of new tools, features, and enhancements we’re planning for the near future. Check out our Software Road Map to see what we're building next And, if you have any feedback, ideas, or suggestions, collaborate with our community to help us decide what we should build next! FlipperForce Software Wish List

Let us know if you have any questions or comments below:👇

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