When buying a fixer upper house, which fixes are the most expensive?

Most Expensive Repairs Flipping Houses
When buying a fixer upper house, which fixes are the most expensive? - Question on Quora.com

Let’s use an example rehab property that is 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, & 1,500 sf here in Kansas City (roughly national average).

Here are the 15 most expensive items that you will likely have on a fixer upper and some rough ranges based upon what I’ve paid in the past on my rehabs:

  1. Foundation issues/repairs - probably the most expensive, but really depends on the extent of the foundation damage ($5k up to $20k+)
  2. Asbestos/Lead/Mold Abatement/Termite Damage - This is another repair that can get very expensive depending on the extent of the damage) -not even going to guess :)
  3. Kitchen Remodel (new cabinets, countertops, appliances, flooring, backsplash, etc.) - $8k to $20k
  4. Full Bathroom Remodel (new plumbing fixtures, tiling, vanity (no extensive reconfiguration) $4k to $10k
  5. Replace Concrete Driveway (1,000sf) $6k to $10k
  6. Replace Siding (varies by material) - $5k to $10k
  7. New Electrical Panel & rewiring - $4k to $10k
  8. Replace Waste Line Pipe ($50 to $100/lf) - $4k to $10k
  9. Replace AC & Furnace - $5k to $8k
  10. Roof Replacement (new asphalt roofing) - $4 to $6k
  11. Re-Pipe w/ New PEX piping & Stacks - $4k to $6k
  12. Window Replacement (10 new vinyl windows) $3k to $5k
  13. New Flooring Throughout (varies by material) $3k to $8k
  14. Exterior Painting - $3k to $4k
  15. Interior Painting - $3k to $4k

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