Why would anyone buy a house renovated by a “fix and flip” company, when they are so poorly done?

Why would anyone buy a house repaired by a “fix and flip” company, they are so poorly done?

Why would anyone buy a house renovated by a “fix and flip” company, when they are so poorly done?

Why would anyone buy a house renovated by a “fix and flip” company, when they are so poorly done? - Question on Quora.com

If there are major problems with a home the house flipper has a legal responsibility to disclose the issues when they sell the property. There may be a few bad, greedy house flippers out there that try to hide things and break the law by not disclosing known defects, but those individual are also criminals that will not be in business very long.

I believe the vast majority of successful house flippers take pride in their renovations and truly care about their end product, their buyers and their reputation.

Just like in every other business industry, there will always be a few bad seeds that put profit over people, but don't let those few bad individuals ruin it for the rest of us!

There are many community benefits that house flippers and real estate developers can provide by investing in your local communities.

Flipping Houses Improves Neighborhoods

Flipping houses transforms ugly, neglected and distressed houses into beautiful homes for new families to build memories, which improves the quality of life on the street and the neighborhood.

Flipping Houses Increases Property Values

Flipping houses increases property values in neighborhoods which increases neighborhood wealth and local property tax revenues for schools, police and fire services.

Flipping Houses Employs Local Real Estate Professionals & Contractors

Flipping houses employs many different industry professionals including local contractors, tradesman, suppliers, real estate agents, lenders, attorneys and title companies.  Your house flipping business helps put food on the table for potentially tens or hundreds of people in your community!

Flipping Houses Helps Homeowners Facing Hardships

Although house flippers are in the business to make money, they can also help rescue local homeowners that are facing foreclosure, bankruptcy, financial distress and hardship.

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