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Learn How to Secure Your Jobsite to Prevent Theft and Vandalism on Your House Flips.
Keeping your house flip secure


Job site theft is a rampant and growing problem that costs the construction industry more than $1 billion a year, according to the National Association of Home Builders and the National Equipment Register. But the problem isn’t limited to new houses under construction — a home remodeling job is just as vulnerable. Here are some ways to secure your job site.
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I personally had a break-in at one of my rehab projects where a thief stole tools, light fixtures and ceiling fans worth well over a thousand dollars.

So I wanted to write an article with my Top 10 tips for Protecting & Securing Your Rehab Job Sites so hopefully you don't face the same plight.

Tip #1: Fiberglass or Steel Entry Doors

Doors are the most vulnerable entry point for burglars to break-in to your property.  According to the FBI, 65% of break-ins occur by forcing in the front, back or garage entry doors.  
For this reason your main focus to prevent break-ins should be to protect and fortify your main entry doors.

Steel Entry Doors

Steel Entry Door

Storm Doors or Security Doors

Although largely glass, storm doors or security doors can provide an extra layer of protection that a burglar has to break-through to get into your property.
Aluminum Storm Door
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The burglar that broke into my rehab kicked through the wooden panel of an old wood door on the back of the house. If this door had been a fiberglass or steel door there's a good chance he would have fled the scene.

Tip #2: Deadbolts, Lockboxes & Digital Locks

​Doors are only as strong as their lock.  Even the strongest reinforced doors can be neutralized by a hard kick if your lock does not extend deep enough into the door frame.


Deadbolt locks extend the 'bolt' deeper into the door frame to provide more security than a standard door knob.

Longer Strike Plate Screws

Unfortunately, deadbolts come with a small strike plate and only 1" screws that only attach to the door trim.  You will want to replace the strike plate with 7" strike and replace the 1" screws with 3" screws that can reach the stud framing for extra strength.

Digital Locks

None of this matters if your Contractor forgets to lock-up at night.  Digital locks give you the ability to check on doors and digitally and remotely lock the door to ensure your property is locked every night after workers have left the property.

Tip #3: Windows

After doors, windows are the 2nd most vulnerable entry point for burglars to break into your property.

First, start with the basics, make sure all windows are locked on the property, especially windows that are accessible from ground level.

Products to Protect Windows

Window Bars

Iron bars can obviously provide make your windows very burglar resistant, but they can be ugly and hurt the curb appeal of your property and decorative window bars can be very expensive.

Window Locks

Although windows come with built-in locks, one of the best burglar deterrents is a hefty-window lock that is visible from the outside.  You can install window pin locks or vinyl window locks which will provide a back-up locking system for extra protection.

Window Alarms

Window alarm sensors can detect when a window is opened or broken which will sound an alarm which will hopefully send the burglar fleeing, see Tip #4 below.
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Remember, hide all tools and materials out of plain sight so burglars peering through windows can't see anything valuable and be tempted to break-in. Out-of sight out of mind!

Tip #4: Security Systems

​Do-It-Yourself, portable security systems have become more technologically advanced and affordable in the last few years.

You can buy a portable security system that comes with Cameras, Motion Sensors, & Window Sensors for less than $500.

Most portable security systems come with mobile apps that allow you to view Live Security footage, review old security footage and get notifications of security events or break-ins all directly on your phone!

The best part is these Security Systems are portable so you can move the system from flip-to-flip.
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I would recommend either checking out or Simpli-Safe who can provide portable security systems for a few hundred dollars.

I guarantee if a burglar see's a Ring doorbell on the front of the house, they will definitely think twice before breaking in!

Tip #5: Fake Security Cameras

​If you don't want to spend a bunch of money on a real security system, you can actually buy fake 'dummy' security cameras and devices that look like real security systems.

Dummy security cameras even come with red LED lights that make burglars think you are actually watching and recording the job site.

Tip #6: Security Signage & Stickers

​If you buy a Portable Security System it will likely come with Signage and Stickers that you can display in your front yard and on your doors and windows in the property.

Even if you don't have a Security System installed, you can buy security signs and stickers separately for less than $10, which could fool the burglar and scare them away.

Tip #7: Minimize Tools & Materials On-Site

​The best way to prevent valuable tools and materials from being stolen is to not store them on-site overnight or for extended periods of time.  

Although it can be a hassle, have your Contractor pack up all of their valuable tools and take them with them every night.

Break-up material deliveries into batches so you don't have too many materials sitting on-site at one time.

Tip #8: Hide Tools & Materials On-Site

Hide the Materials Out of Sight

​If you must store tools or materials on-site overnight at the very least you should hide the materials in the garage or in closets so the tools & materials can't be seen through the windows.

Register & Mark-Up Tools

Mark up all of your tools with your name or initials so it makes it harder for thieves to pawn your stolen property.

Also register all of your tools with the manufacture and keep your serial numbers on record so the tools will be easier to recover if they are found at a pawn shop.

Use Tool Tracing GPS Units to Track the Location of Your Tools

You can also put GPS trackers on your tools and equipment to track your tools location if they are stolen from your house and taken to a pawn shop.
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Store your tools & materials in the garage and install a deadbolt or a lock on the Garage Entry Door, so the door locks from the inside the garage.

If a burglar manages to get into the house, they will be faced with another locked door to get to the valuables in the property.

Tip #9: Exterior Lighting

Burglars and thieves are just like cockroaches, because they scatter when they are exposed to light.

Make sure you always keep your rehab projects well lit with exterior lighting on the front of your property and motion lighting in the back yards.

Tip #10: Talk to Neighbors

Build a rapport with the neighbors in the area and ask them to keep an eye on your property for you. Give them your cell phone # and have them give you a call if they see anything suspicious!

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