A Letter from Dave

Wow, it’s been quite a year!

During this time, our FlipperForce team (now powered by Fund That Flip) has continued to grow to better serve you as our customers. As a result, you’re going to start seeing more faces around here. As for me, I’m now the Head of Product and I’m committed as ever to delivering valuable functionality to you. My renewed focus will be to evolve FlipperForce into an end-to-end operating system for your real estate business.

We've Added Tons of Value & Plan to Add More

I’m excited about what we’re shaping to do in the future. We’ve recently released some great features including Nationwide Property & Owner Data, Material Catalog, Material Selections, and more. We will soon be releasing our Comps Tool that will give you the ability to research Comps for your properties and generate a Comps Report to offer better insight to your partners, investors, and lenders. Additionally, we’re working diligently on improving the visibility of our roadmap and enhancing your ability to shape the future of our product.

Updated Subscription Plan Structure

As we remain focused on growing our team and improving our platform, we are rolling out updated plans and pricing to match this added value. On February 17th, our current plans will be shifting to a new format, improving our ability to meet your needs and desires with best-in-class functionality.

Grandfathering for Loyal Customers

In appreciation of the loyalty shown by you throughout our journey, we will be grandfathering the active plans for you and all of our active customers following this shift. Here’s how the grandfathering will work:

  • Active monthly customers, as of February 17th, will retain their current plan and pricing through the remainder of their in-progress monthly term, followed by twelve consecutive months of renewals
  • Active annual customers, as of February 17th, will retain their current plan and pricing through the remainder of their in-progress annual term, followed by one year of renewal

To maximize the value of this opportunity, be sure to upgrade your current plan BEFORE the shift on February 17th.
See our plan shift FAQs for additional information.

If you have questions on any of the above, please reach out to our team at

Here’s to our continued, shared success in this new era of FlipperForce.

FlipperForce House Flipping Software Founder Head Shot
Dave Robertson
Founder & Head of Product

We've added a lot of value FOR YOU

Since we officially launched FlipperForce back in January 2020, we've continuously invested in improving our software to help scale your real estate investing business.

Every New Tool, Feature, and Improvement We've Added in the Last Three Years

We are continuing to
adD value for you

Although we've added hundreds of new tools and features listed above, we are only scratching the surface of what we are wanting to build for your real estate operating system.

Here's What We Have Planned in the Very Near Future!

Comps Tool (February 2023)

Property Search & Owner Search (March 2023)

Activity Logs & Team Collaboration (March 2023)

Deal Finder (April 2023)

We're working diligently on improving the visibility of our roadmap and enhancing the future of our product. Here's some ideas and concepts we have planned for 2023.

Team Collaboration
Comment on project tasks, events and @mention teammates to collaborate on your projects to get stuff done
Global My Tasks View
A global view that displays all overdue Tasks, tasks due today and upcoming tasks on ALL projects in your workspace
Estimator Search
ability to search the estimator to find and navigate to estimate items in the database
Analysis Scenarios & Strategies Comparison
Create multiple analysis scenarios and compare your results to alternative exit strategies
Offer Tracker
Create and track your offers and Counteroffers when negotiating with a seller
Loan Tracker/Draw Manager
Tool to Track Outstanding Loan Balances, Draws and Proceeds Received
Budgeting & Accounting Improvements Improvements to the budget setup
Rental Income and Operating Expense Tracking New Accounting Tools to track your rental income, operating Expenses and on-going cash flow for your rental properties.
Bank Account/Credit Card Integrations
Automatically integrate and download expenses from your bank accounts & Credit Cards
Quickbooks or Zapier Integration
Zapier integration or direct QB integration
Global Profit Statements
Global accounting reports showing how much profit has been generated on each project
Workspace Search
Easily search your workspace for project info & contacts

We're exciTed for the future

It's been a heck of a ride! We have come a long way from the original Excel spreadsheet, but we are just starting our journey of creating a complete end-to-end real estate operating system for your business!


Dave creates a spreadsheet to help him analyze deals, estimate rehab costs & manage his rehab projects which eventually evolves in to the House Flipping Spreadsheet.


Dave takes the success from the House Flipping Spreadsheet and invests it into a new web-based platform, FlipperForce.


FlipperForce is acquired by Fund That Flip, a leading real estate fintech that provides fast, reliable funding for fix-and-flips and new construction projects!

Read the Press Release


We begin the rollout of a new era for FlipperForce. Here’s to our continued, shared success moving forward!

Meet The Leadership Team
THAT's Launching Our FUTURE

Our FlipperForce team has continued to grow to better serve you as our customers!
Kyle McMahon
Dave Robertson
Founder & Head of Product
John Kary
Head of Engineering
Haley Lasley
Head of Success & Support
Jaime Mascaro
Head of Business Development
Perry Lee
Head of Marketing