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Our Gut Rehab Schedule Starter Template is a detailed 2 month schedule for a Gut Rehab project that includes major exterior improvements and heavy interior renovations throughout the property.

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Gut Rehab

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About this Schedule Template

Our Gut Rehab Schedule Starter Template is a 2 month schedule for a Gut Rehab project that includes major exterior improvements, heavy demolition/abatement, framing, MEP rough-in, drywall, and new interior finishes throughout.

The Gut Rehab template is broken down into 2 areas:

  • Exterior Work
  • Interior Work

Exterior Work

The Exterior Work is scheduled to take about a 3 weeks to install a new roof, new siding, new windows and doors and exterior painting.

Interior Work

The Interior Work is scheduled to take about 2 months and includes a kitchen renovation, bathroom renovations and new paint, floor finishes and light fixtures throughout the property.

Other Schedule Considerations & Impacts

Simultaneous Exterior & Interior Work

One thing to note is that this schedule template assumes you will have 2 work crews on-site performing the Exterior Work and Interior Work at the same time. If you can't have 2 crews working simultaneously on the exterior work and interior work, that will automatically add a week to your schedule.

Working Weekends

If your crews don't work weekends that could also add 10-ish days over the course of a month.

Planning Stage (Inspections, SOW, Contractor Bidding & Project Prep)

The schedule assumes you will be starting the renovation on day 1 of property ownership, which means during the closing period you are performing inspections, creating a SOW for the project and getting bids from contractors so you can hit the ground running.  

If you wait to start planning, receiving bids until after you close on the property, you could waste 30 days planning the project & awarding contracts.


Local building departments have different rules and procedures for permitting and some take a notoriously long-time to get permits approved which could add several weeks to your schedule.

Project Management, Schedule Slippage & the Critical Path

This schedule also assumes you are running a tight-ship and have all of your crews scheduled and showing up on time.  Any delay on the critical path could delay the entire project completion!

Overall, if you hit the ground running, have multiple crews on the project you should be able to complete a cosmetic rehab in about 30 to 50 calendar days. If you aren't prepared upfront, run into permitting issues or mismanage your contractors that schedule could very easily slip to 60 to 90 days+.

Covid-19 Impacts

Supply Chain Disruptions, Material Shortages & Shipping Delays

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused substantial disruptions with material supply chains which has resulted in material shortages, shipping delays and increased prices. Materials that were readily available at local home improvement stores like appliances, lumber, etc now may be hard to find. You may have to shop around to multiple stores to find materials or wait several weeks before your store to be re-stocked. In order to keep your project on schedule you need to be procuring your materials well in-advance to the installation date.

Lockdowns, 'Essential vs Non-Essential' , & Government Mandated Closures

Local jurisdictions have also implemented their own stay-at-home orders and definitions of what type of construction projects they deem 'essential'. In some local jurisdictions residential and commercial construction projects are not considered to be an 'essential' activity. If we face additional lockdowns in the first half of 2021 and residential remodels are deemed 'non-essential' in your jurisdiction you may face a mandatory, government-issued shutdown which would obviously delay your project completion.

Jobsite Safety Requirements that Impact Productivity

If your local jurisdiction deems your business 'essential' and allows you to work you will likely have to implement safety protocols that could impact your worker's productivity. Some jurisdictions will only allow projects that can maintain social distancing of six feet for all workers which means you will have to limit the number of workers you have on your project at a time or stagger your work shifts.

Virus Infections and Absences

If one of your workers or multiple workers on your project contracts the virus those workers and anyone in contact with those workers will likely have to quarantine to 10 to 14 days. If you don't have any additional workers to step-in to help, your project will delayed until your workers can quarantine and recover.

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