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What's New:

New Speed Enhancements ⚡

We just launched some new speed enhancements that should help FlipperForce load faster than ever!

⚡ New Zillow Data Api

We just launched our new Zillow Data API that automatically pulls in property data for new projects.

New Schedule Templating

We just launched our brand new Schedule Templating functionality that allows you to load Schedule Starter Templates and save your own custom templates that you can use on future projects! 🎉 In the past, creating a detailed project schedule took nearly an hour to create, but with our new Schedule Templating you can load a project schedule in seconds! ⌚

New User Guides

We recently added a new 'User Guides' button which can be used as reference to watch video tutorials and launch interactive tutorials to help you learn the software at your own pace.

New Print Schedules to PDF

With our latest round of updates to the Project Scheduler you can now print your Project Schedules to a PDF document! 🖨

Feature Spotlight Autoscheduling

One of the new features we just launched with our revamped Project Scheduler is Autoscheduling! 🎉

New Scheduler Functionality

The next time you login you should see our new update to the Project Scheduler which re-built the user interface of our Project Scheduler, and added in new functionality for Auto Scheduling, Critical Path, Milestones, Hiding Weekends & Print to PDF!

New Export SOW to Microsoft Word

We just launched some new functionality to our Scope of Work Report that allows you to export your SOW to Microsoft Word so you can make additional customizations as necessary for your rehab projects!

New Print to PDF

We just launched our new print to PDF functionality that allows you to print your Investment Packet, Estimate Report & Scope of Work Report to a PDF document.

New Estimate Report

We just launched a new update which adds a separate 'Estimate Report' option for creating professional Rehab Cost Estimates for your projects.

New Feature Track Expense Change Orders

We've added in some new functionality to the Expense Tracker that allows you to track your project Change Orders.

What's Next on the Development List

I just got our of a meeting with our developers and we have some exciting new features slated for the next week or so!

Dolling Up the Reports

We've been dolling-up and enhancing our reporting options in preparation for our new print to PDF functionality. ​You will notice your reporting will have a new cleaner, dolled up look as well as hopefully notice some new usability enhancements as well!

New Accounting Videos

I have been cranking out new support videos for our entire house flipping software platform to help you learn how to get the most out of our software.

New Scope of Work Notes

With our latest update you can now save scope of work notes with your Estimate Templates which can save you hours of time creating Scopes of Work for your projects!

Feature Spotlight: Repair Estimator

​Let's shine some light on all of the powerful estimating features that can be used to estimate Repair Costs for your Rehab Projects.

New In-App Tutorials and support

We just launched new in-app walk-throughs, video tutorials and tool tips to help you get acquainted with all of the powerful features in our house flipping software. Our new support options will offer visual, interactive, and educational resources to make sure you are getting the most of out of all of the powerful tools in our house flipping software!

New Estimator Drag and Drop

With our new Estimator update we added new drag and drop functionality so that you can completely customize the repair estimator to fit your specific project estimating needs for your rehab business.

New Estimate by Rooms Feature

With our latest Repair Estimator update you can now Estimate Repairs by Room! 🙌

Huge Update to the Repair Estimator

​We have finally launched our highly anticipated Repair Estimator enhancements which significantly enhances the functionality, usability, and customization of our Repair Estimator tool.

Update Delete Projects, Tasks, Tasks Lists, Etc

We have just pushed up an update to our house flipping software with new functionality that allows you to delete projects from your account and, delete task lists & tasks from the Task Manager!

Gearing Up for Some Big Changes

For the past few weeks we have been working on some back-end database changes to gear up for some major functionality enhancements and improvements to the Repair Estimator & Project Scheduler.

Add Vendors Directly in the Expense Tracker

We just pushed up a new update which allows you to add Vendors directly from the Expense Tracker.

New Project Budgeter Update

Today, we pushed-up a new update with some new enhancements and bug fixes to the Project Budgeter.

Laundry List of Updates

We just pushed up a laundry list of software updates to improve the software and squash some pesky bugs.

New Estimating Pricing Guide

We created a new Construction & Repair Costs pricing guide which you can access directly in our web application using the Chat icon in the bottom right hand corner.

New Investment Report Builder

We just launched our brand new Investment Report Builder which helps you create Professional Investment Reports and build credibility and get funding from your Business Partners & Lenders!

Boring Software Update

We recently pushed up an update with a few bug fixes and enhancements. This week the development team will be finalizing the Investment Report & then starting to work on a few other enhancements such as the Templating for the Scope of Work report & Scheduler.

New Rehab Project Budgeter Tool

We just released our new 'Project Budgeter Tool' which can be used to compare your initial analysis and project budget to actual expenses on your projects, so you can forecast your project's profitability.