Learn How To Estimate Rehab Costs

Learn how to estimate rehab costs on over 25 repair categories for your rehab projects.
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How to Estimate Rehab Costs Curriculum

Learn How To Estimate Rehab Costs On Over 25 Repair Categories For Your Rehab Projects.
Basics of Estimating Rehab Costs
Before you purchase a rehab property you need to put together a detailed Scope of Work and accurate estimate of the repair costs needed on the property.

Case Study: How to Estimate Rehab Repair Costs

Case Study: How to Estimate Costs for a Cosmetic Rehab

Case Study: Estimating Rehab Costs per SF

Estimating Exterior Rehab Costs
Estimating Interior Rehab Costs
Curb appeal is one of the most important factors to get home buyers in the door of your newly renovated house flip.

In this Chapter, we will discuss how to estimate costs for typical exterior repairs.

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