Masonry Costs

Learn How to Estimate Masonry Costs on Your Rehab Projects


If your property has a masonry foundation or a brick or stone veneer, you will need to be able to inspect and diagnose the masonry condition and determine if the masonry needs to be repaired or replaced. Masonry work is an expensive rehab item, so diagnosing, and estimating accurate masonry costs is critical in creating solid budgets for your projects.

Basics of Estimating

Masonry Costs

Masonry contractors measure and estimate the masonry work in square feet and sometimes squares (100 square feet).

Masonry work is broken down into two categories:

  1. Facade/Veneer Work
  2. CMU or structural block

Facade Work

The masonry veneer or facade work is the decorative, non-structural layer of brick or stone on the exterior of the property.

Stone Facade

CMU Structural Block

CMU (concrete masonry unit) block also known as cinder blocks are the rectangular concrete blocks that are primarily used in residential construction to build structural masonry foundation walls or retaining walls.

Material Costs

Installation Costs


Brick Facade

Brick Facade

$15 to 25/ sf (lab & Mat'l)

Installation costs for new red-brick veneer facade.

Stone Veneer


$20 to 50/ sf (lab & Mat'l)

Installation costs for stone veneer facade.

CMU Block

CMU Block Wall

4x8 CMU Non-Structural Block

$8 to 16/ sf (lab & Mat'l)

Installation costs for a new non-structural, 4x8 CMU block wall.

Concrete Block Wall

8x8 CMU Block

$12 to 20/ sf (lab & Mat'l)

Installation costs for a new structural, load bearing, CMU block wall.

Installation Timeline

Cost Summary

Other costs

  1. Masonry, patch section, L+M (varies by size)
  2. Powerwash existing masonry, L+M ($0.25 - $.50 square feet)
  3. Tuckpoint existing masonry, L+M ($5 - $10 square feet)
  4. New fireplace/chimney, L+M ($3k - $6k each)
  5. Install chimney cap, L+M ($100 - $250 each)
  6. Chimney sweep service, L+M ($150 - $300 each)

Price Considerations

#1 Type of Masonry Materials

The most obvious factor that influences masonry pricing is the type of masonry material being installed.

#2 Size of Home

In construction, there is a term called economies-of-scale.  The larger the project, the more efficient the contractor can be installing the masonry which reduces the masonry cost per square foot.

#3 Shape of Home

A simple square, box-shaped home is easier and cheaper to side than a house with gables, eaves, nooks and crannies.

#4 Number of Stories

If your property is only one story then the masonry can be installed from the ground which is more efficient than installing masonry on multiple stories from ladders, scaffolding or lift equipment.

#5 Masonry Removal

If your home has existing masonry that needs to be removed, this will add additional costs to your masonry project.

#6 Concrete Footings

If you are building a new block wall the block needs to sit on top of a concrete footing, so you will need to hire a Concrete Contractor to form and pour a concrete footing before you can build your new masonry wall.

#7 Location

The location where you are installing the masonry will have a significant impact.  If you are installing masonry in downtown San Francisco the masonry will obviously cost much more than the same roof being installed in Suburbia.

#8 Seasonality

Spring and Summer is peak masonry season and Masonry Contractors are generally swamped with work, so if you are getting masonry installed during this time you will likely pay a premium. Masonry mortars and grouts require a certain minimum temperature to be installed, so during Winter months, there may be additional costs to 'tent' and temporarily heat the installation area.

Writing a Scope of Work & Getting Bids

Masonry contractors will generally provide an all inclusive bid to 'furnish and install' all labor and materials on the project. When writing your Scope of Work for the Masonry work you will want to check with your Masonry Contractor to see if they are providing the demolition of the existing veneer and installation of a new vapor barrier if the existing barrier is damaged or not present.

If you are building a completely new veneer wall or block wall you will need to have a concrete footing constructed so check to see if the Masonry Contractor is building the footing or if you need to subcontract out the concrete work separately.

Here is an example of how to write a Scope of Work that insures your Siding Contractor provides an all-inclusive bid.

Example Scope of Work

All Masonry work and repairs are to be Contractor Purchased, Contractor Installed.

  1. Furnish and install new masonry according to local building codes.
  2. Masonry Material Specificaion: Input Masonry Product Information.Alternate materials and manufacturers that provide savings will be considered, but must be approved
  3. Remove existing siding as necessary to install new masonry materials.
  4. Replace damaged or rotted plywood sheathing as necessary. Plywood replacement will be priced by each sheet required to be replaced. Price per sheet: $_______________
  5. Include all necessary weather proofing membranes, flashings, trim boards, fascia boards, soffits, anchors and accessories.
  6. Provide tooled mortar joints.
  7. Tuckpoint, repair and replace existing grout lines as necessary.
  8. Furnish and install steel lintels above doors & windows (if applicable).
  9. Hauloff demolished masonry materials and debris.
  10. After mortar is set and cured, clean exposed masonry and surrounding areas.
  11. Final Cleaning: Clean up all scrap masonry debris, screws and anchors from project site.

Example Scope of Work Document

Download our Scope of Work Document template, compatible w/ Google Docs & Microsoft Word
Scope of Work Document Template Example

Scope of Work Document Download

Download the Editable Scope of Work Document available in MS Word or Google Docs
Microsoft WordGoogle Docs

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