Mohoning Valley REIA

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Mohoning Valley REIA

Other Ohio Real Estate Groups

Mohoning Valley REIA

Mohoning Valley REIA

The Mahoning Valley REIA has several events throughout the month. Check the Calendar of Events on our site to see all we have going on. If you're new to real estate, or a seasoned vet, our group has a broad spectrum of members and a whole lot to offer!

We are a 40+ year old organization with over 100 members. We are not only a group. There's an average of 50 attendees at each monthly meeting & numbers are increasing. Come meet your local real estate investors!

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Typical Meeting Location

Boardman Park
375 Boardman-Poland Rd
*Confirm Meeting Location with REI Group Website

Typical Meeting Time

Mohoning Valley REIA
typically meets on the
2nd Monday of the Month @ 5:30 PM
*Confirm Meeting Times with REI Group Meeting Event Calendar

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