Top 15 New Features Launched in 2021! 🍾

Our team here at FlipperForce is constantly working on building new tools and making new improvements to our software platform. Here's our top 15 New Tools and Features that we launched in 2021!

Top 15 New Features Launched in 2021! 🍾

Our team here at FlipperForce is constantly working on building new tools and making new improvements to our software platform.  

Here's our top 15 New Tools and Features that we launched in 2021!

#15 Global Vendor 1099 Report

Right now is around that time when you need to be thinking about your taxes and in early 2021 we launched our new Vendor 1099 Report to provide you with a global summary of total compensation that you've paid to your Vendors on all of your projects so you can send out your vendor 1099sduring tax season!

Learn About the New Vendor 1099 Report

#14 Speed Updates

Throughout the year we worked on several performance updates to help improve the loading times and speed of the app, specifically our repair estimator template loading.  Previously it would take about 30 seconds to initially load in an Estimate Template into the Repair Estimator, but now the Estimator and all of our pages throughout the app load in a matter of seconds.

#13 Exporting Estimates to Excel

We added a new option to the Repair Estimator Tool to Export your estimate data to Microsoft Excel so you can get all of estimate data  into a customizable spreadsheet format.

Learn How to Export Estimates to Excel

#12 Bulk Importing Expenses

We launched our new bulk Expense Importing tool so you can easily bulk import a bunch of expenses to the Expense Tracker in a matter of seconds.  The bulk expense importing tool will be handy for bulk importing expenses from your credit card, bank account or accounting software.

Learn How to Bulk Import Your Expenses

#11 Features for Home Builders

FlipperForce is primarily built for house flippers that buy and renovate existing properties. However, some of our users also build new homes to sell or rent long-term.  We launched some new workflow changes and terminology tweaks for home builders, so when you pick a new construction strategy such as "Build-to-Sell" or "Build-to-Rent", the app will automatically change the names of the tools, features and terminology to better reflect a new home build instead of a flip.

Learn About our Home Building Features

#10 Inspection Widget

We added our Inspection Notes widget to the Repair Estimator to help you easily document the condition of the property and take inspection notes of whether something is in good condition or in bad condition and needs to be repaired or replaced.

Learn About the Inspection Widget

#9 Bid Manager Widget

We also added a Bid Manager Widget to the Repair Estimator so you can track and compare your contractor bids to help you determine the best, qualified bidder for your projects.

Learn About the Bid Manager Widget

#8 Document Manager Revamp

We made some new improvements to our Document Manager to make it easier for you to manage all of your project documents in one place.

Learn About the Document Manager Revamp

#7 Photo Log

Our Document Manager isn't ideal for managing photos, so we built the new Photo Log as a dedicated tool specifically built for managing all of your project photos and creating a chronological photo timeline that you can share with your business partners and lenders.

Learn About the Photo Log

#6 Estimate Template Manager

You can create your own custom estimate templates in FlipperForce, but previously one of the problems was that you couldn't edit an existing template once it was created. We launched our new Estimate Template Management area which makes it much easier to edit your existing custom Estimate Templates so you can easily make adjustments to your existing template categories, repair items and prices so you can reuse your templates on future projects!

Learn About the Estimate Template Manager

#5 Default Flip Analysis Settings

We launched default settings so you can setup all of your commonly used analysis assumptions for things like your buying costs, holding costs, selling and financing costs to help save you time and analyze your house flip deals faster than ever!

Learn About the Flip Analysis Settings

#4 Flip Analyzer Revamp

We completely revamped our Flip Analyzer tool so all our steps are on one quick and easy step-by-step analysis wizard, added in new advanced loan options and completely revamped our Flip Results page with new financial informational to help you make more informed buying decisions.

Learn About the Flip Analyzer Revamp

#3 BRRRR Analyzer

We launched our new BRRRR Analyzer which is our new step by step analysis wizard for analyzing BRRR Deals.  The BRRRR Analyzer calculates the initial sweat equity you have in the deal from buying a property at discount and making smart renovations.  You can also calculate your rental income, operating expenses and cash flow you can achieve over time if you hold the property as a long-term rental.

Learn About the BRRRR Analyzer

#2 Property Overview Page

We revamped our Property Overview page which will be the main project "hub" to see all of the important information about the project stage, status, milestones and things that you need to get done on your project.

Learn About the Property Overview Page

#1 Project Pipeline Dashboards

We launched our Project Pipelines so you can easily review where all of your Leads and Active Projects are in your pipelines.  You have a new Lead pipeline where you can track all of your leads and move them through your acquisition workflow. You also have an Active Project pipeline where you can track the overall Stage and progress of the Active Projects you have under construction.  

Once you get your projects completed you can move the project to your completed Portfolio to store your successfully completed projects or manage your rental inventory.

Learn About the Pipeline Dashboards

More Updates Coming Soon!

We’re dedicated to continuously improving the FlipperForce platform and have an endless list of new tools, features, and enhancements we’re planning for the near future. Check out our Software Road Map to see what we're building next And, if you have any feedback, ideas, or suggestions, collaborate with our community to help us decide what we should build next! FlipperForce Software Wish List

Let us know if you have any questions or comments below:👇

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