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Software Road Map

Updated 8/19/2019

House Flipping Software Road Map

To Do

Task Manager Enhancements
Ability to save checklists and templates for future projects.
Rental Calculator
Calculator for analyzing long-term buy and holds and BRRR Deals.

In Progress

User Management
Ability to add multiple users to your account, manage and restrict user access to certain tools and features.
Flip Analyzer Enhancements
Reformating the Flip Analyzer to Improve User Experience
Document Manager Enhancements
Ability to upload multiple documents, create, edit, delete folders.
PDF Reports
Ability to create all reports as a PDF document.

Recently Completed

Speed Enhancements
Improve load times for Repair Estimator and related tools.
Zillow API
Automatically pull-in property information from Zillow into the property details page.
Project Scheduler Templating
Add in Templating functionality to provide ability to save Schedule templates.
Project Scheduler Enhancements
Add in additional functionality for critical path, hiding weekends.
Export SOW to MS Word
Export your SOW Documents to Microsoft Word.
Scope of Work Templating
Add in Templating functionality to save general notes for each category.
In-App Tutorials
In-app feature walkthroughs and tutorials to help you get acquainted with the software.
Estimator Templating
Ability to save multiple Estimate templates that can be used for new projects.
Estimator Adders
Create Adders module for location multipliers, contingency, & contractors OH & Profit.
Mobile Enhancements
Refinement of the responsive design on mobile & tablet devices.

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